Monday, April 14, 2014

Birthday for a Seven Year Old

Where do I begin?
This little girl is my first grandchild.
She changed my life.
I became a Grandma!

The first time I held Lulu, minutes after she was born.

Lulu is her name.
She is turning 7 years old.
Hundreds of miles might separate us
 but our love is more powerful then those miles.
Every Tuesday, I wear Pink to remind me of the Tuesday she was born.
We call it Pink Tuesday!
(Each grandchild has their own special day of recognition.)

When I visit, we spend a few hours all alone,
 just the two of us, while the rest take naps.
We have tea parties, play dolls, draw, swing, read,
 cook or play games. 
Sometimes we build with her Lego's.
She mentioned to me, in passing, that it would nice to have more Lego's.
I "packed" that idea away in my memory bank.

Before I rushed out the door for my last visit,
 I made sure I had Lulu's birthday presents.
 I didn't want to miss her birthday!

We celebrated an early birthday before I headed home.
Lulu loves strawberries, so this was perfect cake for her .
Then she opened her presents.
Girly Legos! She loved it!

Lulu took this picture of the house she built and
sent the picture to me.

 I want to show you a very special necklace. 
It was a gift from Lulu to me!
We never take them off.

The middle heart says, Granddaughter.
The outer heart says, Grandmother.

PS; Lulu was the first one to call me Grammie-Goo
and I've been called that ever since.

Happy Birthday Lulu!!
I Love You!

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Heading Down One Way and Ending Up Somewhere Else

Yes, I've been absent from Blogging for awhile. 
But with good reasons. 

Our Grandchildren
Levi, Trey, Ila May, Lulu and Silas

Tom and I had THE most wonderful Christmas gift given to us, last Christmas.
Todd, Stephanie, Kimmy and Mark surprised us with a
 Family Vacation Get-A-Way!
It was so much fun!

We tried so hard to get one picture of all of kids smiling at the same time.
You know that saying...
"It's like rounding up cats" ?
The pictures say it all.

Yes, we were happily, heading down one way.........
having fun, enjoying each other's company, laughing, eating,
talking, cooking, shopping and then,

And then.........
We sadly, ended up somewhere else.

One week later, I got a call from Kimmy,
 late in the evening.
"Mom, God is good.",
 is how she started out.
Then she told us that Silas was in the hospital.
His cough had turned into pneumonia.
While listening to little Silas' lungs, they found a heart mummer.
A Cardiologist came in and told Kimmy 
Silas needs open heart surgery.
First, he needed to recover from the pneumonia.

I packed my bags and left for Idaho early the next morning!

Kimmy and Silas stayed in the hospital for six days and nights.
Mark spent a lot of his time with both of them.
  It was finally sinking in!!!
Silas has three heart defects.
A large hole in his heart;
Subaortic Membrane;
and muscle tissue built up around his heart.

Mean while I was with Lulu, Levi and Ila May.

Love, Faith, Grace, Comfort, Hugs, Tears, Prayers, Questions and
more Love
were handed out that week.
This has been such an emotional "ride" for all of us,
 even the little ones.
I'm still in shock and trying wrap my head around the whole situation.

What's next?
In about 4 weeks,
 Silas will becoming to Seattle for heart surgery.
Silas and Kimmy will be staying at Children's Hospital for several weeks.
Mark and the three children will be staying with us, 
at our cottage.
Knowing Mark, he will be by Kimmy's side, next to Silas.

So, I am preparing spiritually, physically, emotionally and
mentally for the upcoming visit.

Today, Silas is doing well. He does get tired easily. 
This little boy is so happy and hands out smiles that melt my heart.

~picture taken the morning I left for home~
I also fall hard, when Silas flashes me his sweet dimples!

Yes, God is good!
If He didn't allow Silas to get pneumonia, they wouldn't of found the heart murmur.
I don't have the time to share all the miracles that God has shown us but trust me, there all a lot!

Psalm 31:19
"How abundant are the good things that you have stored up for those who fear you, that you bestow in the sight of all, on those who take refuge in you."

I Love You Silas!!

Friday, March 28, 2014


Here in the Pacific Northwest,
the city of Oso to be exact,
 we had a devastating, HUGE mud slide.
(click here for details)
Killing people and wiping out homes.

Thank you to those who have sent me messages and concern.

The slide area is that dark area near the yellow arrow,
known as Hazel Hill.
The road that was washed away, is in between the red arrows.

Tom and I went up to see for ourselves.
This is the road that just opened up to help
with travel.
 Usually, this road doesn't open until end of June, 
because of snow.

It's still really wet and rainy!
We didn't go all the way up to the area.

We did stop off at a small grocery store and
 talked with the people inside.

Tom had to also check out the 
"Fresh B ked Cook es"


Below are some pictures of the slide area, so you can get an idea
of just how devastating this mud slide is.
It's a square mile big!
~Google images~

All that dirt crushed everything in it's path.

~Google images~

Please keep this community in your prayers.

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