Monday, October 23, 2017

More Of Our Summer....

Most of our time has been FILLED with two
new homes, we bought up in McCall, Idaho.
If the town of McCall sounds familiar to you,
 it's because Tom and I have been up there many times,
to visit my dear friend, Didi.
Tom and I have been blessed!
We bought two
Vacation Rentals in McCall.
This home is called
 The Thomas

This home is called
The Christine.

They are right across from each other!
Both are in a small, wooded community
 of other "like" homes.
It is two blocks from the downtown, the lake, parks,
 (and one mile away from Didi!)
We can walk to town!
And yet we are in the woods!
So many wild animals!
Here is a fox.
This picture was take from our deck.

Rumor has it,
 that there are sometimes Bears that walk through!
The deer walk right into the driveways.
Even up to our doors!!!
(this is Didi visiting us)
Here's that fox again.
This time on the roof of a garage.
There has been so much to do.
We couldn't do it by ourselves.
 Kimmy and family have helped
bring things up and set up each of these homes.
But it wasn't all work.
There were moments of fun and enjoyment. 
We walked to the Open Air Market.

Strolled to town and stopped at the park.

Here is Mark with Silas, Levi and Ila May,
looking down on some deer that were walking through.
There are so many deer, it.s like
having dogs in the neighborhood.
Kimmy and family stayed in The Thomas,
while Tom and I stayed in The Christine,
while we worked.
One night, we had the older grandkids
 spend the night with us.
Below is a picture taken of Mark and Kimmy.
They were showing us their joy
by doing the happy dance.
 While we were at the other house,
 watching a movie!

But wait, there's more!
 to be continued......
"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters,"
Colossians 3:23  

Saturday, October 21, 2017

My Summer Vacation...

 (Continued from previous post)
We arrived in Seattle
 to the world, famous, SEATTLE RAIN!
So many variations of Gray!
This trip to Seattle was all about
Trey started Kindergarten!
Tom and I walked Trey down the street to his school.
You can tell it's September,
look at the l-o-n-g shadows and shorts!
Here's Todd and Trey heading to
the classroom.
I had to stay a few feet behind because
I was crying and sniffing so loud.
 I can't believe he's in Kindergarten!
The next celebration was
Scarlett's 2nd Birthday!

Here she is, 
getting some help, blowing out the candles
from big brother and dad.
We got her a purse that was filled with
girly things.
Because we brought our bikes,
Tom and Trey decided to go for a bike ride together.
So cute and so fun!

Scarlett watched as they rode away.
This is Steve and Jeanne,
my brother and sister in-law.
We have reconnected since our mom died!!
What a blessing!!

 After celebrating all week long,
we headed back to Idaho.
Really don't miss the traffic!
Really miss these two!!!!!
"How good and pleasant it is
when God’s people live together in unity!"
Psalm 133:1

Friday, October 20, 2017

So much to tell!
Because I was away from my computer for such a looooong time,
it wouldn't let me log back on!!
I had to change my password.
After a few hours of blood, sweat and tears,
it let me back on.
The only trouble is,
I don't remember what password I used!
Well, let me just jump in and tell you about a few adventures
that Tom and I have had this summer.
We bought a Travel Van and we went camping.
It was the first time we have camped together.
We thought we were prepared but we still have a few "bugs" to work out.
 Our maiden voyage was over to Seattle.
But first we stopped at a REAL camping spot.
Immigrant Springs
A very historical spot.
It's part of the Oregon Trail.
We were not the first to travel through this part of the woods!
We named our van Max.
Toured the campgrounds with our bikes.
One happy camper!
We forgot fire starting paraphernalia.
So, I pulled up a video of a camp fire on my cell phone.

 After one night in Max, we headed over to Seattle.
Look at all cars and it's mid-day!
To be continued....
"Let your hope keep you joyful, be patient in your troubles, and pray at all times."
(Romans 12:12)

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