Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to Work

Snow and more snow!

It was nice to get back to work at the high school today. We started our Christmas break with three days off because of snow. Then the two weeks for our regular winter break.
And it started to snow again last night. Three more inches . Nothing like starting and ending the vacation with snow.
Actually, school started an hour late because of the snow. So that puts more work on my plate. The morning saw cars sliding and slipping. A delivery truck got stuck at the enterance to school and held up two school busses with about 20 cars behind them. All these students came to my window to be excused. There must have been 100 of them! And then the calls from parents was endless. It was not your typical day. I'm tried.

It was good to see the students. Some gave me hugs and told me they had missed me. Isn't that nice? I also recieved the Christmas gifts that couldn't get handed out because of the three snow days. My family enjoyed the cookies before and after dinner tonight.

Some teachers had their "war" stories about how they were house bound. The students told me that they slepted most of the their time off. I just listened. It wasn't hard to do. I find that people love to talk about themselves. They didn't ask about me. I didn't care, I was way to busy to have a conversation. A few nods from my head and a grunt or two was all they needed.

Well, I'm going to go and prepare for tomorrow. I like to pick out what I'm wearing and get it ready for my day the night before. Tomorrow is Pink Tuesday. So what ever I wear has to be pink.

Pink Tuesday started when I want to somehow celebrate the birth of our first granddaughter, Lulu . She was born on a Tuesday and the pink, well you know...
You wouldn't believe how many others have started wearing pink on Tuesdays. It's always fun to see who participates.
Well, off to put together my pink outfit. (Sure hope is doesn't snow).

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  1. What a wonderful idea -- pink Tuesdays! I have a Pink Blog ( that's related to Mary Kay Cosmetics. I write a newsletter for several clients in the business, and so I share some of my writings at this site.

    I might have to link this posting there, as maybe others would enjoy your Pink Tuesday idea.


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