Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Day -O- Beauty

The phrase Day-O-Beauty started in our family when we went down south to visit our really good friends for Christmas and New Years Eve, of 2000. All the girls wanted to put a big bleach streak in their hair. Not to be left out, the guys want haircuts. So Jeff Bob got out the old but famous, Flowbee hair clipper and started "styling" hair. Do you remember the Flowbee? A vacuum attached to hair clippers. We laughed so hard and giggled the whole day. And ever since then, when ever any of us wants a beauty treatment, we call it Day-O-Beauty.

This is our granddaughter getting her first Day-O-Beauty. Her mom polished her little toes with bright red polish. She was thrilled! So the tradition of Day-O-Beauty continues with the next generation.

Look who's next...... Lucy!

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