Saturday, January 17, 2009

Question...How would you spend an extra $100?

I received my new REAL SIMPLE magazine yesterday. I love looking and reading magazines. And I'm real picky about which ones I read and which ones I'll buy. Real Simple is one of my favorites. I always learn something new. In this issue I came across the question, How would you spend an extra $100. 00? In the article it told of a retired grandmother who was asked this question and told how she would spend her money. This got me thinking. What would I do?

Food comes to mind. I feel strongly about feeding others. So, I would give $50.00 to our local food bank. Next, I would give $25.00 to Joyce Meyers. Joyce is a Bible teacher on TV, who I watch regularly. The last $25.00, I would take my husband to a movie of his choice and eat popcorn. My husband loves to watch movies with popcorn. I'm not big on theaters or theater popcorn. So this would be a stretch for me.

How would you spend an extra $100.00?

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