Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What is it about Hair?

I'm so excited. This week I am getting my hair cut and colored. It has been about three months since my last appointment. This is not unusual for me. I'm not one to set an appointment for every 6 weeks. I go when I can't stand it anymore.

I find it hard to spend the money and find the time. It's always cut to short. The color is wrong. The price was way to much. The style wasn't what I explained. I've even had my children cut my hair. I am never happy.

I've had the same style since high school. I get high lights and a bob cut. Sometimes I grow the bob out an inch or two longer, thinking I've change the style. But haven't fooled anyone.

This past year I grew out my bangs. It has taken six long months for them to reach my ears. I still wear a headband because I can't stand them around my face. Growing them out has been my biggest hair change in years!

So this Thursday, I will go to my hairstylest and ask for something new and different. Come home with my same style and color, paid to much and not satisfied with the way it looks.

Oh well, I comb my hair once a day and I don't see myself the rest of the day. So why do I get soooo excited about going to get my hair done?

Update on my hair. I didn't get as much cut off this time so it is a bit longer and the color is the same. But I like it! Who knew? Must be something about blogging. Getting my feelings out. This is progress.


  1. Aha... a kindred spirit! Most times, I'm like you when it comes to hair cutting -- I make an appointment when I can't stand it anymore. Lately, I have been making the next appointment when I visit my hairdresser.

    I always love the way other women do their hair, but I seem all thumbs when it comes to styling my own. So sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. I finally quit fretting about it.

    I've been talking to the Lord about my hair -- and first off, I've been reminded to rejoice that I do have hair. And I do like my own colour (always have) so I praise Him for the colour of my hair. I thank Him that I have hair and it hasn't dropped out from chemo (for which I'm also thankful).....

    And when I go to lamenting about what am I going to do with my hair, I'm reminded to turn that lament into a sound of gratefulness. It's been helping!

  2. When we were in Cambodia Amanda said to me "do you ever think about growing your bangs out". My interpretation - "you'd look better without bangs". So, I remembered your post and came here for advice. Six months?? Yikes!


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