Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Celebrating the # 2

I love my Granddaughter.

Our Granddaughter is turning two years old on Friday and we will be celebrating at our home. Her story didn't start the day she was born, oh no... it started a long time ago.

Little girls love to play house and want to be The Mommy. Not me! I have always wanted to be a Grandma. Don't get me wrong, being a Mother was a dream but I also wanted more. I wanted to be a Grandma. To me, it meant, that I had done the best I could raising our children. Now it was their turn to pass on all the love that was given to them. Being a grandparent is the crowning glory. I take this title very seriously and with so much Love.

So now, let's fast forward to the summer of 2006. Our daughter and I were planning to visit Paris. Spring Break 0f 2007 was the time and we started preparing. Then one warm summer evening ,"K" called us all over to their home for some watermelon. This was not unusual. I'll never forget, we sat outside and the sun set behind the trees. "K" gave me and her dad, each a box to unwrap. I thought it was something about our up coming trip. The first one was a baby bib, that said, 'Grandpa Loves Me'. The next one was a bib that said, 'I Love Grandma'. I didn't get it at first. It took several minutes. Then I realized that I was NOT going to Paris but I was going to be a Grandma! It's funny how one minute you're going down one road and then without knowing it, the road changes.

Our daughter asked me to be her Doula. I had no idea what a Doula was. I knew I wanted to take this very seriously but what was a Doula? I researched the role, took a week off from work and enroll in a class. That winter I became an official Doula.

We had prepared, rehearsed and waited patiently. Tuesday, April 17th came and I was more than ready. I watched our first grandchild come into the world, that morning. Now I know I was born to be a Grandma, and a Doula! That Tuesday my life changed to Pink!

Today, I'm called Gamma! We have sleepovers, with cinnamon toast for breakfast; we have a Children's Garden with all kinds of plants; we talk on the telephone; we read lots of books; we go for walks to find treasures; we sing every song we know and we cuddle.

I wanted to let everyone know that I celebrate her, and not just on April 17 th. So for the past two years, every Tuesday, I wear something Pink. I even have a sign in my office that reads, Pink Tuesday. At first everyone thought I was a bit odd. But now on Tuesdays, everyone in the front office, (even some of our students) wear pink on Tuesdays.

And just think, our daughter asked me to be her Doula again, for our next grandchild.

I'm more then ready!


  1. Happy Birthday to your granddaughter! What a wonderful story. You sound like the perfect grandma! I may just have to start wearing pink on Tuesday in honor of you! Have a great day...celebrating! :-)

  2. Ok mother, now I'm crying.....that was so fun to read. Thank you for that wonderful memory. We are so excited espically your darling granddaughter to see you tomorrow for cupcakes!! We love you so much!!

  3. Your words rang so true to how I feel about one day becoming a grandmother. It seems the perfect mix of being mom and child all rolled into one. Thanks for sharing.


    P.S. And yes, the chair in the corner of my study is one of the most comfortable in the house. I have the bookshelves next to me and a view of the living room (which usually encompasses a big Old English Sheepdog asleep on the sofa).


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