Friday, June 26, 2009

Things are coming together....

Party Tomorrow!
I'm going to make this quick. Still have so much to do.

This is our backyard patio.

I am using Chinese Lanterns to add a festive flare. Some of the small lanterns have battery operated lights in them. This will add to the romantic mood when the sun goes down. I really like decorating with these lanterns instead of balloons because I can use them over and over again. Storage is great because they collapse flat.

I have been moving things around all day long, trying to find the right look. These pictures were take early this morning when the sun was out. I have added flowers to the center pieces. I wanted white flowers and couldn't find just the right ones.
I ended up at a nursery and they were having a Two for One sale! The Impatient's were full of white blooms and the right price!
I then headed down to our local thrift store and bought all the white plant containers they had. I left with 5 white, ceramic plant holders! Wow! What were the chances?

More pictures later this weekend.



Use bright colored fingernail polish to identify your keys at a glance. Just add a drop or make a heart.

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  1. Your patio looks great!!! I love the use of the lanterns and the fabric. Your black and white idea is so great. Have fun!


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