Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Wedding

The theme was Dragonflies.

Tamar (the Bride) had hundreds of Dragonflies everywhere.
Very charming.
The setting was in Bob and Tamar's beautiful backyard.

Only immediate family members attended the wedding ceremony.
Relatives from New York and Montana flew in for this very happy occasion.
There were about twenty of us.

Each chair was decorated with a Dragonfly, bubbles, and a fan.

One of tables had a pair of shoes displayed,
that Tamar's mother wore, and more Dragonflies.
The Groom and Best Man (my husband)

The Officiant (me)
The Bride and her Maid of Honor (her sister)
Didn't get a picture of the Flower Girl (8 months pregnant).
Dobson (the official greeter)

Special Moments of the Wedding
Bubble Catching
The Bouquet toss

The night went on with a toast to the Bride and Groom. We had a big BBQ feast with Red Velvet Cupcakes. The music was perfect for dancing and the Groom took turns dancing with most of the ladies. We all talked and talked because there was so much to catch up on. We hadn't seen some of the family in a long time.

My camera went dead and so I missed taking pictures of the rest of the fun.


  1. Ladies, if you are a follower of my Blog, I'm sorry to say that I'm having problems with that area. Please try to suscribe again.


  2. Very charming and casual. I'll bet everyone was comfortable and it was a great time.

    You looked very nice.

    Glad it was a great time for all.


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