Friday, August 28, 2009

Friendship - A Love Story

(I dedicated this post to my true and loving friend, Didi.)

This is a Love Story! It’s a story of a friendship, a very long, loving friendship.

I first met Didi when she was three and I was four years old. It was a hot summer afternoon, when I first saw her walking down my street (yes, to her mother’s hoarer, she was three and walking down my street!). I invited her to run through my sprinkler. Our parents got to know each other very well after that day. We even started in the same kindergarten class together. We were inseparable. Everyday we would walk to school together. I went on camping trips with her family and she would spend the night with me. Marilyn (Didi’s mom), even made us matching dresses. We hardly ever took them off.

Her family was my family. My family was her family.

Then in fourth grade she moved away. I can still feel the pain. It was like a part of me was gone. We kept in touch through the phone. We even device a plan, that during the summers, we would stay at each others homes for as long as we could. Ever summer, I was at her home or she was at mine, for weeks at a time. I even got to go on some vacations with Didi.

As we entered High School, we didn’t see each other as much. But we looked out for each other. College came and we still shared a strong bond.
When we were young, we’d dream big dreams. We talked about and shared everything. Didi was my maid of honor, for my wedding and I was in her wedding.

We planned our lives, never thinking we would be without each other. We took a trip to Hawaii before we were married. .

Then we took a trip to San Francisco, after we were married

Didi and I even became first time moms together.

But the best times were at Cannon Beach, where we became Christians. Every year we would drive down to Oregon and go to a Woman’s Retreat together. I couldn’t wait to have the long weekend with just her, no kids or husbands. We would laugh, talk, cry, and eat together. We would stay up late and get up early. We packed as much time in together as we could. Plus, we were being feed the word of God.

Today,we don't live near each other, in fact, not even in the same state. But through this blog, phone calls, and sometimes an occasional visits, we are still very close.

There is so much, much, much, more, to our friendship. The stories could go on and on.
That happens when you have known someone as long as we have, 55 years!

These are pictures we took when we would get together each summer.

Do you remember those photo booths?

So, Happy Birthday Didi. You know how much I Love You.



National Friendship Day is on the first Sunday in August.
Women's Friendship Day is on the third Sunday in August
International Friendship Month is February
Old Friends, New Friends Week is the third week of May


  1. You are both very blessed to have such a special friendship!

  2. How beautiful...What a blessing to have a friend so close to your heart. You are precious. Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog. Blessings, andrea

  3. What a huge blessing your friendship is and to have such a lifelong friendship.

  4. What a beautiful tribute to friendship! Thank you for splashing me today in God's goodness. Delighted to meet you.

    Blessings from Costa Rica,
    Sarah Dawn

  5. Special friendships.... special memories! How sweet they are. Blessings from our loving Father.

  6. It is a true treasure to have a friend like Didi. We must always be thankful for this kind of kindred spirit. I wish for our children to find that same lifelong connection – ‘A friend that knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words”


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