Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saying Good-by to Summer

View from West Seattle looking at downtown Seattle

We took a day trip to Alki Beach in West Seattle to say good-by to Summer.

The ferry boats, mountains and water were so picturesque.

(Really glad I had my camera.)

There were kites flying and beach volleyball was being played.

And so many walkers, bikers and people just sitting enjoying the sun.

We sipped our fancy coffee's on one of the many occupied benches.

We stayed until sunset.

Ahh, Summer... Good-by!



Take an under-shelf basket (the kind made of vinyl sprayed on wire) and bend the hooks in the opposite direction so it will hang over the side of the tub. Use it to hold shampoo and tub toys.


  1. Oh I hate to see Summer go but I think I am ready for the cooler days of Fall! Have a good weekend

  2. Our daughter spent a year in Seattle working for Americorp and it was one of our favorite places to visit. My advice to young adults just starting a career – “Go west young man”.

  3. Toni perms do smell pretty bad don't they?

    I love your good bye to summer pictures at Alki. I haven't been up there in several years. It's a pretty nice place to hang out, eat, walk, get coffee.

    We had a beautiful summer if you forget how hot it was some days. I hear that the wine grapes are having a great harvest because of the hot dry summer and fall.

    I'm no wine conesuer (sp?), but it sounds so romantic and relaxing. Wine grapes...Mmmm.

    have a nice Sunday,


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