Thursday, December 31, 2009

Changing of the Calendar

I love anything Susan Branch! Especially her calendars.
Today, I switch out the old 2009 calendar and hang up my new 2010 calendar. I don't just hang up the calendar, it more of a ritual for me. I hunt around for the perfect colored pens.
I pour myself a cup of tea.
Sit down at the dining room table and add ALL the important dates from years past .
Birthdays are usually in BLUE.
Anniversaries are in RED.
Other dates to remember, like "Bought the House", dates in in GREEN.

As I go through the past year, I remember the things that were "put the calendar". Everything is put on the calendar! If it isn't there, it doesn't happen. And the calendar in hung in the most prominent place in our home, The Kitchen Wall.
So when the new calendar goes up, it is all set up for the coming year, with reminders of the special events. New events are added on as they come up.
So when January comes, it gets added it on.
This year I added the birth of our Grandson!

The calendar is an important part of my household. Because I use it everyday and it hangs in busiest part of our home (kitchen). I'm very particular about the style. For the past several years I have hung up the Susan Branch calendar. Yes, I keep them! They are so cute!!



Susan Branch hand writes all her publishing's because when she first started in 1984, she didn't have a computer and didn't know anyone who did.
"Love it when things are real and aren't perfect" ~Susan Branch~


  1. I always keep our calendar on the kitchen wall too. I also love the fact that I, too, get to add the birth date of my grand daughter. Very exciting stuff!

  2. Love it!!! I'm picky about my (wall and pocket) calanders too. I need to sit and update mine as well... like the pen idea.

    Hey, I just linked to you about your New Year traditions, expounding on one of our own.
    take a read, whenever. Happy New Year! to all.

  3. Christine,
    Happy New Year! May it be full of God's provision and blessing!
    Dee dee

  4. I always have loved reading your calender. Even when I was little I would love reading who's birhtday was next, when our vacation was. Can't wait to read what you have going on this year!!

  5. I love Susan's style as well. I have a similar Calendar ritual. I'm going to have to try the colored pen idea I really like that!!
    Thanks for your visit and sweet words! And yes... I was a daddy's girl
    I will miss him terribly. Looking forward tho to the new year and a new life it will bring as we welcome our first gradnchild in April.
    Have a blessed New Year. Looking forward to blogging with you.

  6. Christine!

    Happy New Year to you and your family! And may your 2010 calendar be filled with new traditions, loving family get-togethers, fun projects, adventures and memories!


  7. I've always enjoyed the beauty and creativity of Susan Branch too. Enjoy your new calendar and your new year. May it be wonderful in soooo many ways! Blessings and hugs, Brenda

  8. This is exactly the sort of "ringing in the new year" that I could get into - anything with a cup of tea involved. ;)

  9. Lovely ritual. I, too, keep calendars for years. They serve as a sort of diaries. Happy New Year.

  10. Yep...I do the same thing!!! It is a very fun. I've had many Susan Branch calendars...with some Mary Englebreit mixed in. :)

  11. Christine, it is so nice to find your blog! I appreciate your ritual with the calendars... something almost sacred about bringing forward all the special moments... the traditions. AND, I know just how exciting it is to have that first grandchild! My first was born last July. My, how that changes everything! Happy New Year! Enjoy your tea and calendaring (new word... lol)!

  12. Hope you are enjoying a wonderful day. There were gingersnap under the dome. I think everyone loved the unique garland on top. I just love the look it gave as opposed to a plain old bow. Have a wonderful weekend! Jackie

  13. I keep my calendar every year too! They're kind of like a diary! This year my youngest got me a calendar personalized with family photos on every month! Love it!

  14. I took my calender down today & got the blue pen out for birthdays, but didn't get too far. Maybe another day this week.

    That just reminded me that I need to wrap my SIL's gift & get it in the mail.


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