Tuesday, December 1, 2009

First Christmas Card (s)

It's always fun to see who sends out their Christmas cards first.
This year we have two winners!
Liz's card is usually the first in my mailbox. She gets her cards in the mail early and likes to have them arrive on Dec. 1st! But this year, Katrina is giving Liz a run for her money. Both cards came the same day. I love getting Christmas cards in the mail. It's like little presents being delivered. And I always look forward to the THE Christmas letters. Tina is famous for her long but interesting letters.
This is the time of year, I run to the mailbox and anticipate each card.
Long lasting Christmas Trees:
When buying Christmas trees, check for freshness by rubbing your finger across the cut side of the base, If the stump is gooey with sap, it is a fresh tree.
Douglas fir, spruce, and Scotch pine hold their needles better than other varieties.
To keep the needles greener longer, cut an extra inch or two from the bottom of the tree and stand the tree in a bucket of cold water in which one cup of sugar, molasses, syrup, or honey has been added. Let the tree soak for 2 or 3 days prior to decorating.


  1. Christine,
    I have yet to receive any cards...so enjoy yours for me! I also enjoy getting the mail during this time of year!
    Dee Dee

  2. Oh, I have to send the cards? I usually just buy them and think about the people I should send them to. Does that count?
    Blessings! :)

  3. Susan,
    That is so funny, ha ha ha!
    I can find the most perfect box of cards but then I realize that I have to address and send them!
    But I don't think that counts - wish it did!

  4. I love sending Christmas cards, receiving cards, displaying card.

  5. I am the very worst person to send cards. I bought some last year and didn't get them mailed. Doylene

  6. I love receiving and sending Christmas cards! Some years I make them, other years I spend time searching for the 'just right' ones. Ofttimes I have a theme. And other times, I find a selection of boxes that are elegant, whimsical, cute, sacred...... and then I have fun choosing what's appropriate for each person on my list.

    It's funny you mention that today you got your first cards.... me too! Two of them, one from my sister's family (she always handcrafts hers, and one from our realtor).

    So enjoy........ as the mailbox starts spilling out more and more!


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