Monday, December 7, 2009

Night Gown for Lulu

My granddaughter and I like to read books. One of her favorite books, when she visits, is Grandma and Me by Karen Katz. We have read this book at least 50 times this year. It's an interactive book with flaps that lift up, and answer the questions on each page.
It talks about baking cookies, the picking flowers from the garden. All the things that Lulu and I do together. But on one page it asks , "What did you hide under my pillow, Grandma?" When you pull down the flap, there is a red nightgown.

Well, I just had to make Lulu the very same nightgown! So, I dusted off my sewing machine, bought the material, pattern, and studied the directions.

I finished it!


How could I not try my best to please this precious little girl?
Playing at Grandma & Papa's

Camp Lulu

I'm happy that I'm a grandmother.

I'm happy that Lulu loves to visit.

I'm happy that we play together.

I'm happy that I remembered how to sew!



Organize buttons on safety pins, pipe cleaners, or twist ties.


  1. What a lucky little girl. Will this be a Christmas gift? I used to sew for my daughter and found such pleasure in it. Now I wait for grandchildren . . .

  2. How cute!! She is going to LOVE it. Don't worry I won't tell her.

  3. How precious your grand daughter is! I had mine for a couple of days last week and enjoyed it so much.

  4.! I just love it! You are a Gramma after my own heart! You know I love a theme! Little Lulu is blessed to have a sweet Gramma to read books to her...and you sew!
    Fab combination! Can't wait to see a pcture of her in her new nightie!

  5. What a super blessed Grandma and Granddaughter! I pray that she will treasure this loving and bueatiful gift just as much as the treasure who made it for her! God bless... Dee Dee

  6. I am very impressed! You did a great job. You are very blessed to have such a beautiful granddaughter and she is very blessed to have you!

  7. my Lulu's Grandma, I thank God for the oppurtunity we have to allow Lulu to grow up so close with her Grandma...don't change what you do...enjoy it to the fullest. We love you!

  8. Cute! will you make me one now! :) Nice work grandma! XO, Steph


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