Sunday, April 4, 2010

Backyard Birds!

The top two pictures are the same bird and the bottom two pictures are of another.

I think they are a pair.

Both come to the feeder but only one at a time, taking turns.

They are so cute!


View of the kitchen window

I love my visiting birds! A few weeks ago I bought a bird feeder with suction cups and places on my kitchen window, that looks out onto the Children's Garden. Now I can watch my humming birds and these cute little birds. I now know they are called, Black-capped Chickadees.

"This is a tiny bird and has a short neck and large head, making it body look very round. It also has a long, narrow tail and a short bill.·

The cap and bib are black, the cheeks white, the back soft gray, the wing feathers gray edged with white, and the underparts soft buff on the sides grading to white beneath. The cap extends down just beyond the black eyes, making the small eyes tricky to see.
Black-capped Chickadees seldom remain at feeders except to grab a seed to eat elsewhere. They are acrobatic and associate in flocks—the sudden activity when a flock arrives is distinctive. They often fly across roads and open areas one at a time with a bouncy flight."

They are very curious birds. When I am looking at them through the window, they just look back, grab a seed and fly off. I have a suet bird feeder, that other kinds birds feed from, but the Chickadees are the only ones to eat from the window feeder.



Bird food:

Various nuts and seeds.
Soaked bread (white or brown) – dry bread swells in the stomach.
Leftovers, e.g. cake, cooked rice etc. are fine, but no spicy or salty foods.

Apples, cut in half and put on a table or the ground are excellent for blackbirds and robins.


  1. I love the pictures. Wonderful how you can see them up close and personal. What a great way to spend an afternoon -- just sitting and watching the birds do their work. I get the biggest kick out of them -- especially those little humming birds. They are so funny.

  2. Christine,
    I love the suction cup bird feeder! You little birds are so cute! I get to watch birds at Mom's house and really enjoy it so much! By the way... what's the name of your kitchen?
    Dee dee

  3. Birds are fascinating. Each like a little miracle with wings! Love 'em!

  4. Oh, birds are the best! Thank you for coming by to visit with me and to take a virtual tour of France!

    Please come back again; I frequently make virtual trips to places as such!!!


  5. I love birds. My grandmother, who died ten years ago, was an avid birdwatcher. As I grow older I've come to appreciate the beauty of God's creation in birds more and more.

    Great pictures and great post!

  6. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog.

    I'm following you now...and look forward to your next post.



  7. I love chickadees! Aren't those little sounds they make so cute? Kinda like a kazoo! :)


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