Saturday, August 7, 2010

Concert at the (Rainy) Winery

Jazz Concert at the Local Winery.
We rode our bikes to there.

People came and set up "camps".

We found a huge tree to sit under...

and people watch.
The tree kept us very dry.

We got a little cold, so we went inside the Winery.
(WOW,thinking about you Mary)
Along with everyone else who wanted to get out of the rain.

Here's Tom, with the best seat in the place.

Behind me are people sampling different wines.

Back outside, Tom checking to see if it's still raining.

Music has started! Hurry!

We heard enough music, eat our lunch, saw enough wet people.
We decided to get back on our bikes and head home.


When you host the wine party, one 750 ml bottle of wine holds about four or five glasses, so one bottle for every two guests should be enough.


  1. Thank you for praying and faithfully coming back to read my blog even when I am not getting around. I am truly blessed by you and so many others.

  2. Did you sample any wine? Looks inviting. I'm heading to upstate NY, Finger Lake region sometime this month. I'm fortunate to have an aunt and uncle that live up there and best of all my aunt works at one of the wineries. I just love that family discount. The name of the winery is Dr. Frank's. Have a great day. Jude

  3. Christine,
    What a perfectly delightful, al-be-it somewhat wet day! How nice to be in a place where you can bike to such fun events!
    I just love that last photo of you and Tom, what a beautiful couple!
    Dee Dee

  4. How sweet that you can bike there!! Looked like it was a fun day, despite the rain. :)

  5. What a fun time...even if it did rain!

  6. It looks like such a fun day... even the rain couldn't take that from you!

  7. So you really do live very close to the winery ~ only a bike ride away. Your bikes look a little lonely in the bike rack! You and Tom do have the best adventures . . .

  8. sounds like ya'll had a fun adventure even in the rain!!! how fun to be able to ride your bikes to music and people watching entertainment!

  9. Fun times! Could you send that rain to us?


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