Saturday, December 11, 2010

Lots to Share...

I'm a winner!
drew my name.

Judy's sister made this apron. It is soft and oh, so beautiful.
I am one happy lady.
Even the box it came in is precious.

I finished Lulu's PJ's

Ooops, lost a dot off the heart.
I looked but couldn't find it.

These little hearts on the the front leg so
when she puts them on
she'll know which way is the front.
Bathroom art work is a wreath.
Trader Joe's has these cute little wreaths.
Oh, it smells good in the bathroom!
Christmas tree is up!
Well, it's not really a tree.
Mary over at Corner Of My Life has a
friend that made a tree out of pine boughs.
that is just what I did.
This is our Christmas Tree!
(and if I need more boughs, I'll just cut them!)
For my birthday, Tom got me this computer!
And this is where I created this post,
in my kitchen!
Who knows where I will be next. the Christmas tree?
Thank you Judy for the apron!
Thank you Tom for this computer
and Mark for setting it up for me.


  1. Could those PJs be any cuter??? Love them! What a great gift to get a new laptop!

    I think your Christmas tree is perfect. As soon as this last daughter has moved out, it's time to reevaluate the tree.

  2. Congrats on winning that cute apron! Love your idea for your tree. It looks beautiful and when will a breeze to take down!
    Love the pj's you made. She will be pretty in pink!
    A very nice birthday present!! I'm getting a laptop for Christmas (I think). I think Bruce was tired of me being in the office all of the time!

  3. Love the PJ's!! Thanks for not making me wait until Christmas Eve to see them. Lulu will love them becasue anything from Grammie-goo is her favorite.

  4. Oh Christine,
    Your house is so wonderfully decorated for Christmas! I'll have to look for the sweet little wreaths at Trader Joes next time I go! (I get all my cereal there!)
    Do you make jamies in adult sizes? Great idea to have the hearts on the front of the legs... Lulu is going to love them! You are going to love your laptop... I often take mine to Mom's house to use while taking care of Nona!
    Happy Sunday my friend!
    Dee Dee

  5. Lulu's PJ's are TOO CUTE!! You did a wonderful job on them, Christine! I'll bet she is just going to love them, especially because you made them for her.

    Your apron is cute and sassy! Congratulations! And, your "tree" is perfect. Fa la la la la... la la la la... The smells are the best!!

  6. Love the idea of putting the hearts on the front for little lulu to know what is what. Great idea.

    I wonder if my trader joes has those wreaths in stock. They cute.

    Love your kitchen. Must be a joy to cook in.

    Take care,
    Viola over at

  7. Loved everything about this post! Especially that computer. It's quite freeing when you can leave your desk and wander around the house, in the yard ... wherever your feet wish to go. :) Enjoy!

  8. Loved everything about this post! Especially that computer. It's quite freeing when you can leave your desk and wander around the house, in the yard ... wherever your feet wish to go. :) Enjoy!

  9. You certainly have a lot to share!! I love the apron, jammies, and tree. How fun to be able to work on your blog posts where ever you like with your NEW computer.

  10. CUTE apron!
    CUTE jammies
    CUTE tree!

    I might get a laptop for Christmas, too! My Alex is at my desk and using my PC whenever he's home and awake! LOL! I'm tired of sharing! ha.

  11. Hope you enjoy wearing the apron. So happy you won it! The pjs are adorable! I like the little hearts and the creative way you displayed them. Your last picture of the kitchen is so cozy and inviting. It is fun for me to picture where it is that you create your beautiful posts on you new laptop. Getting older isn't so bad, is it?

  12. Such a sweet post!! Those Pj's look so cozy! Happy Tuesday!

  13. You make me wish there was a Trader Joe's close by. We went to one in Seattle once near the university and had such a hard time parking. Busy place!

    We also bought a laptop this month. We wanted a netbook (10" screen) for traveling but they were just a little too small for my old eyes so we got one "in-between". It's a Toshiba Portege (13" screen). Hope you are enjoying yours ~ ours is still in the box!

  14. What a lucky ducky little Lulu is to have a Gramma that makes her pajamas! So cute! Great idea to put hearts on the front!
    Your "tree" is cute too!Congratulations on winning the ruffly cheery, cherry apron! FUN!
    And a new laptop?!...FAB!
    Wish Trader Joes was closer. The nearest one is about an hour away.
    Your home looks warm and inviting, Christine. Thanks for the peek!:)


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