Sunday, January 23, 2011

Working Weedend

 This was my  "inspirational piece" I used to redecorate our living room, eight years ago.
Burgundy, Black, a little Blue, a little Taupe and a little Green.
Mostly dark colors.

 These paint chips, were my "inspirational pieces" this time.
I took away the darker colors and added lighter colors.
Some of our walls were already the color I wanted.
I just needed to paint over the Burgundy walls, the Parisian Taupe color.


I cleaned out the bookshelves. Goodwill was very pleased.

 I'm still thinking of adding the "drop cloth" curtains to this window.
But right now I'm enjoying all this light.

 This is the grand kids area.
You can see the old curtains.


I change the dining room to the living room for the Holidays.
This gives us more room for our Thanksgiving dinner.

This is a picture of our table set for a breakfast party.





Eeek! I didn't have any painting clothes. So I ran down to the thrift store and bought a long, skirted, jumper for $2.99.
Oh, so comfortable (I was climbing a ladder and sitting on the floor) and so darn cheap.
Plus, it was a cute jumper, so if anyone came to the door, I was respectable.
I'm saving this jumper for my next painting project!


  1. Oh, Christine! I LOVE that paint color!! It is simply beautiful!

    And, man that breakfast party looks like an event I would love to attend!! Food for the eyes and the tummy!

    Great job on your new colors.

  2. That looks great! I LOVE it and can't wait to come see it. I wonder if Lulu will notice? Of course!

  3. Perfect, absolutley perfect. It is calming and refreshing at the same time. I know you will enjoy it.

  4. I like the light walls also. It looks very bright and cheery! Nice job!

  5. Oh Christine!
    the new color is perfect for this room! it make the whole room feel brighter and cheery. I just love the change. I forgot, does this room have a name?
    I think I need to fly you our to help me get my home ready to go on the market... you have the perfect touch!
    Dee Dee

  6. You did a great job, Christine. It looks warm and inviting, even with the lighter colors. I need to get inspired over here. :(

  7. Great job, Christine! I love the color and it's amazing how much bigger and brighter your room looks! Bravo! Well done! :)

    Thanks for your WARM wishes! We had school today, but it was really chilly! Below zero temps really reek havok on the school heating system! Tomorrow I'm going to wear my wooly sweater and take leftover turkey soup to heat up for lunch. I think I'll take and some hot chocolate to share too! With marshmallow, of course!

  8. WOW!! You have been working REALLY hard!!
    Everything looks great. I am officially starving now from the looks of your holiday table!!
    I LOVE all your new decor. The photos looks great. :) :) :)

  9. Before and after pictures are some of my favorites. What a beautiful transformation. The paint color made the room look so warm and cozy. So thankful you shared the pictures with us. Just wish you would have shared a picture with your painting attire on:)

  10. You did a beautiful job of bringing in the light! I find myself needing lots of light nowadays. Good colors that are cheerful and bright! Hey, I just LOVE that sideboard you have in your dining room. I clicked on the photo to blow it up so I could admire it more closely. Is it a family heirloom or just a lucky find! How about a close-up and blog about that?

  11. Well now... all fine and good with all the other lovely pictures, but we want one of you in that cute painting jumper!!

    I really enjoyed seeing your before and after shots... and I think you made some lovely new choices for colours and the way you arranged your rooms afterwards. All bright and beautiful and very inviting.

    Rejoicing in this time with you.. what a quick sell. And now the page turns. What new things to anticipate and look forward to....

    B :)


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