Wednesday, February 2, 2011


 I stepped outside our front door the other day and
spotted this from the corner of my eye.
It's from our Magnolia tree.

 I get amazed over and over at how God has
a perfect plan.

 I stepped out the door further when something else caught my attention.

Spring ....
it's around the corner!

My Simple Please!

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is hosting Simple Pleasures.
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  1. Beautiful simple pleasure...yes rebirth and spring...but also the beauty during the time of dormancy

  2. Spring? What's that? lol...not until March does spring sprout like that! I suppose by then, your blooms will be gone! ha.

  3. The magnolia leaf is beautiful -- you can see every little vein. It is definitely approaching spring in your neck of the woods. Speaking of which -- your new pic of Seattle is gorgeous! I know how much you love it there. I often thing how blessed you are to LOVE where you live.

  4. What a joy to see new life bursting through the ground!! Simply wonderful!

  5. Love the skeleton leaf,it's so delicate -- and the new shoots are so fragile. Beautiful
    God Bless
    Barb from Australia

  6. Is that leaf white? It is beautiful and I love it when the new shoots start peeking through. I had some of my sedum starting to peek, but I think this brutal cold spell will destroy that growth. Hope they can try again!

  7. Beautiful photographs. I love watching the flowers come up in the spring time...such hope and beauty.

  8. the groundhogs here predicted early spring. Reading your post...seeing the tulips pushing their way up....yeahhhhh. ☺

  9. yay!! I'm longing for spring this year. Just a taste of it is INDEED a simple pleasure.

  10. I am doing the count down to spring .........

  11. Pretty picture of the leave. I am sure so many are looking forward to Spring. God gives us so many simple pleasures in life...and this is definately one of them!

  12. Ohhhhhh how beautiful is the handy work of God! Please feel free to send some of your spring this way!
    God bless my friend!
    Dee Dee

  13. You are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out ahead of us!

  14. Christine,
    Lovely, lovely Spring...I can't wait and the tantalizing view of your flowers coming up is too wonderful! Great Simple Pleasure for sure!


  15. Spring flowers? No way!

    I was going to be jealous but then realized - I am head to a tropical country next week.

  16. Wow! You have signs of spring!?! I think we have a few months to go before we get to see that. But I do look forward when it does come. [0= That leaf is soooo pretty. And the close up picture you got was wonderful.

    Blessings in Him<><

  17. God is amazing! Isn't it overwhelming the beautiful detail in all He does?!

  18. That leaf is so pretty.

    And look how far your tulips are up!! Or are they daffodils? WOW!

  19. Wow! Our awesome Creator knew the importance of seasons. Some last longer than others, but they all have a purpose. Same with life's seasons. I loved this!

  20. Everybody's posting snow pictures and you have pictures of the possibility of spring!! Gives me hope!
    Have a great weekend.

  21. Reading this post was the perfect, inspiring way to start out my day. I could almost smell the Spring air. What hope we all have! You reminded me that Spring will come, although I am not seeing any signs in my part of the world.


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