Friday, July 15, 2011

A Star Is Born!

 Tom and I visited a local T.V. show
 that is produced in downtown Seattle.
 King 5 Television has a morning show called,

We waited in the audience lobby until
 it was time to head into the studio.
Once in the studio, we were allowed to take pictures.
But only before, during commercials and after the show.
Getting our instructions on how to clap.
Did you know that T.V. claps are different?
They are faster and longer.

Margaret Larson the host, prepping.


These are pictures in between the segments.

Back Home...
 We taped the show and watched it later.
Hey look...that's us!


  1. How fun! Don't use up all your 15 minutes of fame on one show.

  2. How fun!! Christine, I swear you and Tom are the *funnest* folks ever! blessings ~ tanna

  3. Christine
    I'm so proud to say I know you!!
    You sure do the most interesting things1
    Too bad you weren't on KOMO. I actually get that channel here in Ontario! Go figure!!
    Have a great weekend friend!

  4. You sure do have fun during your time off from work in the summer. How cool to be on a TV show.

  5. Where do I get my autograph! That was exciting. Was there something in particular on the show that you wanted to be in the audience?

    Have a great weekend! We are having fabulous weather today but that will all change next week.....hotter and even more humidity. YUK. Although it will feel like Florida for me! Jude

  6. Well look at you two! How fun is that? What an exciting way to spend the day.

  7. Well, now, isn't that fun! How very cool! You guys look great!

  8. What an adventure! I love that last picture of you pointing at the TV. That's so cute.

  9. We went to a live show once in NYC - Fox News' Dayside with Juliet Hudy an Mike Jerrick. What an interesting process isn't it? You guys look pretty cute on TV!

  10. Oh how fun! Sounds like you found yet another fun summer time local event to attend! Have you been able to show Lulu and Levi yet? I can imagine how excited they would be to see you both on TV! Once my dad made it onto a Cincinnati Come to downtown add. He had no idea and we didn't either till I was watching TV one day and saw my dad walking down a set of steps downtown! How cool!
    Dee Dee

  11. Oh how you should have written my blog piece on "taking advantage of the fun around you"...Lady, you sure do! My husband would have loved this!

  12. Yay! Movie Stars...maybe your 15 minutes of fame? Awesome!

  13. Will you remember us when you are famous?:) Seriously, what fun for you two.

  14. Look at YOU!! Pretty in pink!!
    You and Tom look great! You're naturals!! :) :) :)


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