Sunday, September 4, 2011

This Week's Loves and Laughs

Laughs: Tom heading to the store wearing
 cut off jeans,white socks and Zories.

Loves: The sunflower,
 that the birds planted, has opened up.
It looks like it's hugging the feeder.

 Laughs: Tom caught me in the morning before work.

Loves: Homegrown tomatoes!


  1. Christine
    Thank you for showing yourself in rollers. I thought I was the only throwback from the 60's! So cute too.
    What do you do with your sunflower seeds after they dry? Do you eat them or the birdies?
    It must be getting cold there since DH has to wear socks with his thongs or maybe that's a throwback from the 60's I missed!
    Take care now!

  2. haha...oh, I love them all! But those socks and flip flops together wins the prize! :)

  3. LOVE them all! LOL! That sunflower is wonderful! Such a sweet reward for tending the birds! blessings ~ tanna

  4. Love this post. I would NEVER post a picture of myself in rollers. You are very brave. The picture of Tom in socks and flip-flops reminds me of how they dress in Japan. He's just being international. Ha, ha! Love the sunflower and tomatoes. Your garden looks good!

  5. Oh fun post...just makes me smile...from feet to head!!

  6. Oh too funny you were still wearing a mood ring recently...that is why you are so greatttttttttttttt at your stay young!

  7. You are jumping to the head of the class of my favorite people! I can't believe you posted the curler pic. You look just like me... but much better!

    Loved the socks, too.

  8. Love your first picture! Tony does the same thing!
    Your sunflower is beautiful! Hope to grow some next year! Did you plant your sunflowers from seed?

  9. I loved, and laughed at this post, so enjoyed it Christine,.Please tell Your dh his outfit is cool, loved the photo, of you in rollers. cute.

  10. Excellent loves and laughs... just what I need after my long and crazy day!

  11. I LOVE your loves AND laughs!!! :)
    I'd love a hug from your sunflower and YOU!!
    The tomatoes look yummy. Butttt........tell Tom, "NOOOOO!!!!"
    HaHaHaHaHaHa!!! ;)
    Just kidding!!!! :) :) :)
    Blessings for a great weekend. I'm three shifts down, four to go!! :)

  12. Laughter is so important! Love the curler picture!


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