Thursday, April 12, 2012

Biking and Not Just For Exercise

 Tom and I dusted off our bikes.
The sun was out and it was calling us.

 We live in a city where it is known for it's love of bicycles.
There are bike lanes on every street.

This picture is on a bridge. 
You see this type of sign everywhere.
(Pedestrian Zone)
 It really makes this city friendly to walkers and bikes.

We rode in the streets...

 We rode on the trails.

This picture is for you Dr. Doolittle,  "B.B."

 We came upon art work.

 We took in this tranquil scene.

 We rode through apartment complexes.

 We rode by a golf course.

Then we took a break and watched others ride at the skate park.

Home is a few blocks from here.
What a great ride, getting to know our little city.
Plus, we did get in a little exercise.


  1. Good for you two! Bicycling is great exercise and the fact that you both have the stamina to do it is impressive. Thanks for taking pictures along the way so that we could enjoy it too.

  2. This looks like such a fun ride! Lots of very pretty scenery around you! :)

  3. Looks like so much fun! Biking is such great exercise. It seems I can't do it very long though, I'm totally out of shape :(

  4. Looks like so much fun! Biking is such great exercise. It seems I can't do it very long though, I'm totally out of shape :(

  5. wow.... what a great bike friendly city! Love that you get to see so many diverse sites around your new place! God is good! Please tell me you weren't biking and taking photos at the same time!
    dee dee

  6. Oh how fun!!! I have a pink bike and can't seem to learn how to use all the gears, so I will get out and then walk it home because I have worn myself out and can't find the right you have inspired me to learn how to use it and ride with Benjamin

    Exploring your city...always something I love to do in the spring

  7. Fun! We need to get the kids in the bike trailers and go with you guys.

  8. Hi, I loved that your town/city is so bike friendly. Just remember to wear helmets-I know I don't like the look but a friend almost died in a bike accident and it was her helmet that saved her life.
    I'm missing biking while we are on vacation but we may rent some.
    Hugs, Noreen

  9. I have been dying to get new bikes around here. We actually have a tandem, but since he's gone so often, that's really not as practical as we need. My dad had a bike, and my mom says we can use it for him, but I need a bike for me.

    Can I just tell you that I am SO INSPIRED by your cottage life right now. Really, you make me want to do something just like this. Of course, we don't have a cute little house in the middle of everywhere to move to.

    I really, really, enjoy your posts about your cottage life. Just wanted you to know.

  10. Christine,I had to do a double-take. I have the exact same bike as you do, even the same color. I also have the same basket on my bike (are we leading a double life somehow?) The only thing different, and I do mean the ONLY thing is that I somehow didn't get all that extra padding on my seat (haha). I've been thinking of putting some sponges in my shorts. I love to bike ride and put my little maltese in my basket, who loves riding as much as I do. I've been taking her out daily now because she only has a very short time left on this earth. She was diagnosed with kidney and liver disease. They said two days to two weeks, but we've been fortunate to have for a month now and she's still hanging in there. We'll know when it's time, as you did with your beloved yorkie. OK, twin sister, keep on pedaling!

  11. Jan... how are you?
    Email me!

  12. You guys are having a blast!! I also rain gear!! Have a great weekend. Judy

  13. It's so beautiful - the trails, the community, the weather. Love the photos.

  14. Fun AND exercise... that's the very best kind. Good for the heart and soul as well as the body!! Christine, thank you for your prayers... they are appreciated more than I can say. blessings ~ tanna

  15. Thanks for the bike tour, Christine, I love to bike ride especially on warm sunny days. You do have some beautiful scenery to look at, enjoy! Thanks for sharing.

  16. One day I will make one of those charming bicycle baskets that you have. I am already thinking about what I will carry in it.

  17. Oh, what fun! Stan and I were talking on this trip that we need to get new bikes for the next one. We've never taken bikes with us, but we saw so many fellow-RVers riding them through the parks that it made us want to do it, too.

  18. Loved this, Christine! I used to love to bike - but over the years it became too much of a strain with some back troubles. Walking is what I'm told I should be doing - though - we don't have near the scenic places on our walking route here in our burbs neighborhood. Wish it was closer to a park . . . Thanks for taking us with you - virtually . . .


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