Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Garage Sale

When Tom and I moved out of our home last January, 
we left behind a lot of "stuff".
Lots of stuff.
After we downsized, purged, gave away and threw away,
 there was stuff still left behind.
So I donated it all to our daughter,
Kimmy, when she moved in with her family.

 Kimmy has a wonderful mother-in-law
who knows all about Garage Sales.
And how fortunate for me, I know nothing about them.
It was decided the stuff had to go!


Connie, Queen of the Garage Sales
 step in and helped Kimmy put on this event.
(Yes, it was an event)
She sorted, labeled, packaged, placed and
smiled all week.
Connie put out colorful signs and ran ads.
When the crowds came Connie shined!
This lady can sell an Eskimo ice!
She got up early to set up and stayed late to clean up.
When she drove away to the Goodwill,
 she was still smiling!

Kimmy and Ila May

A Barbie Ferrari and passenger
(hand painted by Kimmy when she was young - PRICELESS)

 I like "Ike" earrings

I bought these earrings when I was about 10 years old
at my first visit to a garage sale.
(Kimmy ended up keeping them.)

I came to help by playing with these two cuties.

Boxes are soooo much...


This small box was a perfect place to
study a Potato Bug.
Lulu and Levi named it Spud Ball.

Thank you Connie and Kimmy for helping me
depart with the "stuff" that needed to be gone.


  1. I love a garage sale. Seeing that stuff go as the money racks up...ka-ching, ka-ching! I could use another one soon. They are a lot of work and she has one great mom-in-law (and a great mom)! Yes you do have some cuties there and boxes provide hours of entertainment. I think everyone was a winner!

  2. Maybe she would like to visit Pennsylvania!!! What a great person she is. I do not like garage sales. You are so blessed! Have a great week. Jude

  3. Yeah, have her come to Pennsylvania. I love seeing the stuff go and the money come in, but hate doing all the work leading up to it. It is a LOT of work. Connie is a special lady to do all of that. Glad you were able to help out with the kids. I think you got the best deal of the day!

  4. Christine,
    Please let Connie know I have a shed full of items that need to be sold off here too! sounds like she has the corner of the market!
    dee dee

  5. There was a big garage sale in our neighborhood this weekend. I think garage sales are so much fun, although I never found earrings like you did:)

  6. I need to have a Connie down here!! As I've been thinking of downsizing more, I'm overwhelmed with what to do with our "stuff"... especially the basement!!! LOL! blessings ~ tanna
    ps LOVING the coffee!! Thank you so much!! =D

  7. I need a Connie! I had a miserable time with my last garage sale, even though I had an organized daughter home to help. I would probably have loved to be a shopper at yours.

    And I'm glad Kimmy kept the earrings. I'm just positive they are collector's items. (Of course, I tend to think everything is a collector's item. With my luck the Ike wouldn't be Ike Eisenhower. It would be Ike Turner. LOL)


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