Monday, August 6, 2012

Naploeon meets Cesar


It's been 6 months since Lucy's "brother",
 Arthur passed away.
It was about that same time, I started watching

Lucy is small, I mean really small, 3lbs. small.
But oh, what a bark!
She would even growl and show her teeth.
I called it the Napoleon Syndrome.
If you were in the wrong spot and the right time,
Lucy would nipped your leg.

Walking Lucy was a chore.
She didn't like it at all. 
Plus, I could never find her when
we were heading out the door.
She'd be hiding!

Now, after watching Cesar's shows and getting a few tools,
Lucy is a changed dog.


 ~Got her prance on~

 ~Major pit stop~

 ~Almost home~

~Like a horse heading for the barn~

Now I'm the Pack Leader,
thanks to Cesar.


  1. It's amazing how she has changed! You have worked hard and it shows.

  2. She looks so happy and feisty for a 3 pound pooch. Enjoy your day. Jude

  3. I'm impressed! You are a wise woman, Christine. You found answers to an issue and addressed it. Gotta love that. I saw a car with a doula ad on it this week and thought of you. =) blessings ~ tanna

  4. A cute pack leader indeed is Lucy, She sure is strutting her stuff!~smile~
    Enjoy your week,

  5. Kind of like "good parenting" isn't it? A little training goes a long way.

  6. Oh how cute...our son's fiance has one like that and he loves it

    Enjoy...too cute

  7. Such a little cutie! Glad you found a solution for your training issues.

  8. Hi Christine, Love seeing Lucy and hearing how Cesar helped you become the pack leader. Hunter doesn't like it when I put his harness on, which is really funny because it means a walk. Great job my friend. I record Cesar and watch it when hubby isn't home-figure you're never too old to learn new things.
    Hugs, Noreen

  9. We just adopted another rescue. Franz the dachshund needs MAJOR work. I will have to check out Cesar. Thanks! :)

  10. We watch Caesar and it totally changed how we walked our Jack Russell. She is now the best dog on our block. People have stopped us and asked how we trained her, one lady said she thought Cora was so good because Jack Russell's were so easy to train, ha ha!! We wish everyone else would get on the bandwagon. His ideas are the best! Good for you!!

  11. haha...oh, she looks SO tiny next to that fire hydrant! :)

  12. Such a cutie! Love that prance on her. So glad you found Caesar's show and that his techniques worked for you.


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