Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Back Home!

~ Driving to Palm Springs From the Airport ~

How do I put into words,
how special, my time was?
I can't!
Pictures will add to some of the story.

I've never been to the Palm Springs area.
What a surprise to see Palm Trees everywhere!
I couldn't even get over seeing sand
along the roadside.
Didi kept saying,
 "We are in the desert, Chrissie".
(she has always called me Chrissie)

(can you tell it's a posed picture)

Yes, it was very hot!

Yes, she has a pool!

 ~ "Sidewalk Driving" ~

Didi lives on a private golf course and
 has her own golf cart.
She took me on a tour of the course.
Stopping to visit some of her friends,
 along the way.
We were the only ones on the course and 
we laughed and laughed.

This is a view of Didi's home from
the golf course side.
Didi showed me where she use to work.


One morning, we went through
 some of her old pictures.
As we looked through the pictures,
we laughed,
we cried,
we remembered!

Look what we found:
We made a date with each other and
      put it in writing, way back in 1973.


Driving around you'd see
 Palm Trees with bags on them.
The bags are around the hanging dates.
I had to find out more.

~ Shields ~

Close to her home is Shields, a date factory.
Click on the name above
 to read about it's history.

It was a must visit, after seeing this sign!
Amazing fruit!

After a few days at Didi's desert house,
we went up in the San Bernardino Mountains,
 to Big Bear Lake.

This is her cabin!
~ View of her Cabin from the lake ~

Didi's husband took us out on their boat,
to see Big Bear Lake.

Big Bear Observatory sits on one side of the lake.

We ran into a Pirate Ship.
It's a tour boat. How fun!

Interesting homes built on top of rocks.
This one was a Japanese style home.
We both had a great time!

 Another picture we can add
to the years of collecting them.
~ San Bernardino Mountains ~

 Saying good-by, flying home,
leaving Didi behind,
not easy.
I'll be back!


  1. Christine
    I think your and Didi's story is so great-to have been friends all of these years! I just can't imagine it.
    Her homes are beautiful and it looks like you had a lot of fun together. How could you not?
    I love that letter for a date 40 years later-so neat.

  2. There's nothing quite like the company of an old friend. I can tell how much you care for each other. The smiles say it all.

  3. Wow! What a beautiful area. Looks like you both had a blast.

  4. Oh I am so excited for you that you had this opportunity to spend time with your best friend! Looks like the time together was simply amazing!
    just loved seeing the photos... like you took me on a mini vacation!
    dee dee

  5. Great photos and what a wonderful time with your friend. The old photos are great. You were beautiful then and you are beautiful now.

    We raised our girls for 9 years in southern CA right near where you were - in Yucaipa, in the foothills of the San Bernardino mountains.

  6. what a fun trip! Aww...I'm glad you have a good time!

  7. How fun! You were so close to me! So glad you enjoyed your special time together!

  8. How fun!

    Of COURSE you'll be back there soon...according to your "date", you need to meet again on March 20, 2013...less than a year from now :-)

  9. How fun to go along with you on your trip. Old friends are the best, aren't they? Loved seeing all of your pictures. What beautiful houses and scenery. Are you making plans for next March yet?

  10. Such a great get-away.
    Certainly is one perk of retirement - having an adventure in the middle of October.

  11. It looks like you have a great time and tons of fun! I want to go next time....Love the pictures. Judy

  12. Oh what fun! Love the idea. Sounds like you had a wonderful, wonderful time.


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