Saturday, November 24, 2012


Well, things around here have settled down and
 a routine has taken shape.

Wednesdays, I get up early and travel to Seattle.
It's still really dark, as I cross over the Evergreen Point Floating bridge and
 head north to the Ballard area.

I have with me, my phone, camera, my computer, snacks, books, tunes and a few extras.

After a prayerful, 25 minute commute,
I arrive at about 6:15 AM.

Lights are on to welcome me and so are the two big dogs, who are at the door.

A sleepy man greets me.
"Good morning Mom.",
followed with a warm hug and a kiss.

Then Stephanie comes out holding baby Trey and
lovingly, thanks me several times for coming.

I settle in and put a way my belongings.

 This is how my Wednesdays start.
I am babysitting our grandson, Trey!


Nap Time


I look forward to Wednesdays!


  1. I'll bet you do! Looks like you got plenty of extras to keep you company. He's so sweet!

  2. What a wonderful day to look forward to! Blessings abound!
    dee dee

  3. No wonder you look forward to Wednesdays. That little Trey is a blessing.

    Have a wonderful day and travel safely.

  4. What a super Grandma you are, and a lucky one too--just look at his cute little face. :)

  5. What a nice thing to do for your son and his wife. Everyone needs a little help now and then -- especially with a new baby. (And animals to boot!) Wednesday sounds like a perfect day.

  6. I think that is a nice once a week adventure. And I'm so glad they appreciate your help! :) That little Trey is adorable!

  7. Arriving at 6:15 after a 25 minute commute? I am curious what time you get up. I know it is worth every minute. Early to bed on Tuesdays.

  8. {sigh}... such a beautiful sight to see... and a blessed and happy grandmother!! Wonderful Wednesdays! xoxo ~ tanna

  9. Oh how wonderful...totally wonderful...isn't God good? Enjoy, enjoy!

  10. You are the sweetest grandma! What a blessing for them to have you...

  11. That is a wonderful picture of him. I love babies in such a big way.

    You are now employed at my dream job. Not babysitting in general, mind you, but specifically babysitting a grandchild.

    You are a woman most blessed.
    I hope Kimmie and company can come for Christmas!

  12. Now that's a lot of 'kids' to baby sit! I hope they all behaved themselves.
    That is sure an early morning-I would need a lot of tea to wake me up, for sure.

  13. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  14. What a very special grandma you are! These pictures are priceless!

  15. Love the pictures! I get to do the same two days a week! There is nothing better than caring for your grandchild and spending precious moments with them! :)


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