Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Lights Are On But Nobody Is Home

This is what our block looked like before 
they started building the
apartments across the street from our cottage.

You can see where we live. We have the two tall trees.

Picture of the building at night, trying to finish.

If you have been following 
the progress of the new apartments
 being built across the street from us,
it's come to an end.

It has been a long process.
They broke ground last January 
and now it's a year later.
They are done!

Can't wait to see who moves in first.

To recap here are a few pictures to show you the progress.


Those two on the porch are
 our first neighbors!

The End!


  1. how capturing the first neighbors. How exciting for them to move into a brand new place..everything fresh, new and clean!

  2. Excited for the couple, hope your neighbors are nice and neighborly.
    Happy New Year.

  3. How exciting to see this transformation in your own front yard! From all you shared, at least the crew was kind and respectful to your family! That has to make a huge difference in the overall process! Now you are on to new neighbors... I pray that they are all as kind, sweet and fun as you and Tom!

    dee dee

  4. Well, I do love to sit and watch people at the mall when I'm there(hardly ever). But you and Tom won't even have to leave your house! Very interesting....

  5. What a process to watch this building go up. Enjoy your new neighbors! :)

  6. Has it been a year already???? Good grief, time is flying by - measured of course by the apartment construction :) It really is a nice building.

  7. Glad for you to have neighbors instead of construction noises! ;) Happy New Year, Christine!! tanna

  8. May the noise be replaced with wonderful and loving neighbors...may your friends and opportunity to love on other increase...the numbers sure will

    Once again you creatively made us smile through this journey of construction

    May your cottage be a light to those in the darkness...a city on the hill

  9. Hurray for new neighbors. And a Very Happy New Year to you, too!


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