Monday, January 7, 2013

Sunday Nights

 I've heard about this mini series.
Thought I'd see what it was all about.

Is it the aristocratic family?
Or the drama of the servants?

Was it Shirley MacLaine's grand entrance?

Or their home?

It's got to be all those customs and hats.


  1. I have heard about this show, saw a TV show about the place it is filmed but have yet to see it. My check my local listing and see if I can watch it here! Thanks for sharing!
    dee dee

  2. My daughter is hooked, so I watched with her last night--my first time. It was interesting. She said I need to watch the first two seasons to really know what's going on, and she is right. :-) I did love the costumes and landscapes!

  3. I adore Downton Abbey. Have been watching it about 4 months now. Watched all of the first season on DVD. Am watching season two now. I will not watch season three until I finish the second one. Don't want to ruin it for myself. But I am recording it so I can go right onto it when I finish. I have been reading comments about it on blogs and on facebook and am surprised that so many people have not watched it before this season. I would think you'd really have to watch it from the beginning to understand everything.

  4. well I have yet to watch I need to, and I will probably be hooked

  5. We rented seasons 1 and 2 this summer so we were all caught up for last night of season 3. Hubby and I are both "hooked"!

  6. I've not watched either but keep hearing how I should. Maybe I will purchase first two seasons and start. Heard there was already a big spoiler out there floating around cyberspace, so take heed. My niece was utterly upset that she came across it unexpectedly. It surely looks like an interesting series.

  7. Haven't seen this yet, but do plan to get it and see it from the beginning. I know with Shirley Maclaine in it this year it will be a good.
    Thanks for sharing.


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