Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Grammie Goo Visits

This is a series of three pictures 
at the airport pick up.
(Thanks Kimmy)

Waiting and spotting Grammie Goo

Running towards each other ...

and falling into my arms!

I was welcomed with a Banner!

My luggage was full of special surprises for each grandchild.
Did you know that you can "carry on" hard boiled eggs?
I didn't but was very happy I did.

Levi loves hard boiled eggs.

I packed giraffe cookies and sugar, heart shaped, cookies that we decorated.
Plus, my famous Banana Bread.

In my backpack were books and more books.
Some were the old favorites from when they lived with us
 and now we read over skype.
There were new books, also.

I could go on and on with pictures and stories about my visit.
But I'll keep this short.

I flew over to help out
and get endless hugs and kisses.
Kimmy is due sometime mid May, 
so there are plans to return before then.

Leaving is always so hard.
I'll be back soon!


  1. Aww..welcome granny goo! That was one special greeting! And it's good to know you can carry hard boiled eggs!

  2. So sweet! I know Kimmy loves you so much:-)


  3. Those pictures touched my heart today. So sweet, especially the one of them running towards you. I know how difficult saying goodbye is. I think you are so loved by all of them.

  4. Tears just popped out reading this post, Christine. The airport photos brought so many, many emotions... so many times I have lived that scene... I know how very, very much you enjoyed your time with these precious grandbabies (and their sweet mother). And, how very hard it is to leave... May will be here soon though!! =) blessings and hugs ~ tanna

  5. LOVE the airport photos! So very sweet! Makes me smile! :)

    Boiled eggs must not be considered a threatening weapon. ha.

  6. You are the best grammy! If I'm ever blessed with a grandbaby, I'm taking notes from you.

    The second picture is my favorite.

  7. Hi Christine, What a wonderful visit for you. I had to stop and read the name-Grammie Goo because I have a prayer warrior with the same name.
    Thanks for sharing your precious grands with us!
    hugs, Noreen

  8. What a sweet post! I love the picture of the kids running to you in the airport. I know they had as much fun having you there as you were to be there. I had to smile thinking of you carrying all this food on the plane with you.

  9. How wonderful! :) We just got back from Houston to see our granddaughter too! So happy you had a good visit... those times are even more precious when distance separates us.

  10. Oh I love those photos from the airport.. You can see the love in them. Your grandchildren are beautiful and what a blessing you all are to each other! :)


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