Thursday, May 16, 2013

Silas Was Born

~Sweet Silas~
Do you believe in miracles?
I do!

Kimmy's due date was May 16th.
 I really, really, wanted to be there to help Kimmy deliver Silas. 
So we decided to have me drive over to Boise, early.
I pulled into Boise May 2nd around 1:30 PM.
I drove Kimmy to her appointment with
her chiropractor at 5:00 PM.
Labor started at 5:30 PM as we left the office.
She was in full labor by 6:30 PM.
Silas arrived  May 2nd at 7:53 PM.

It was a home birth and a family affair!
Mark holding Ila May
Lulu giving a kiss to mom during hard labor.
Levi had hugs for his mom.

Each of these precious faces
are a miracle from 

And I have been a witness to each of their births.
I am a BLESSED Grammie- Goo (grandma).

~more to come~


  1. Awhh!! Congratulations!!! And blessings all around.

  2. Hi Christine, Congrat's to your daughter, her family and to you! What a beautiful little guy; my oldest daughter is due the first part of June but I expect her to be early(she always is). How wonderful that your girl has a home birth; mine have midwives at the hospital but I've never been in the room when a grand was born.
    Joy, Noreen

  3. Christine, I'm so happy that everything went so well! Honestly, what a beautiful collection of grandchildren you have!!Oh, so thankful for all God has done. Please pass on the congrats to the family. I only have one so far, but I was there! ;D

  4. He is so precious!! I'm glad you could make it there in time! Can't wait to hear more! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Congratulations on baby Silas. So glad you got there in time. He is precious.

  6. Yes, you are blessed, Christine! Delightfully blessed! Precious little ones, all in a row.

  7. Oh how awesome...of course with two pregnant here I can't wait...what a true blessing. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!

  8. God's gift to you...getting you there just in time! :)

  9. Congrats to your family. You are so right, children are miracles
    You have a beautiful crew of grandchildren!

  10. Beautiful gifts from God. Yes, they are. And what a perfect birth story, even for grandma! Congratulations. :)

    Blessings, Debbie

  11. A miracle indeed . . .
    both the birth and your arrival.
    Congratulations to you all.

  12. A wonderful birthing story with so many blessings folded in. Congratulations.

    A song for you :

  13. Congrats to you all! He is adorable. I am so glad that you were able to be there! :)


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