Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Fall List

I had so much fun making and checking off things from my Summer List,
 that I thought I'd do a 
Fall List.

I know Fall doesn't start officially for a few weeks.
 For me the day after Labor Day is when it starts.
I've worked in schools for years, so when the bells ring, it's Fall.
Another reason Fall starts now is because, well,
have you been outside?
The sun is setting earlier and rising much later.

The calendar might not say Fall but in my mind does.


  1. Dear Christine...such a nice "Fall List" and I too feel that fall begins the first of September! Happy Fall to you! Hugs ♥ Teri

  2. Sounds like a wonderful list. All soul nourishing things. Lovely.

  3. Christine
    I'm right on with your list, minus the football
    No way on that one!
    Was it hard to not be heading to school the first morning or were you happy your done with all that?

  4. Fun list...oh I need to think Fall, so you got me off my bump and thinking!

  5. Love the list. You're probably like me and have fulfilled them all, in one year or another (except for #4 and #7). Guess I'll have to work on doing them all in one fall season.

    Keep us posted on your progress!

  6. That is a wonderful list. I have a few of those same things down on mine...but mine isn't going to be revealed just yet! ha.

  7. What a fun list! I think my husband and I may make a list of our own. Yours provides a good starting point!

  8. What a fun fall list! Fall starts September 1 to me also, just as winter begins December 1. :)

  9. We just had our hottest week of the year, but I'm with you, Christine... the days are getting shorter and I can SMELL the change. I love your new list... It's funny, I've been thinking about going to a football game, too! So many years have past since I was sitting there every Friday night. ;) blessings ~ tanna
    ps yes, you will have to try that cake! It was so stinkin' fun!! I'm ready to do another one. Maybe for my own birthday. LOL!!

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  11. This begins year 4 of retirement and I am missing that first day of school like crazy. How about you?
    For whom the bell tolls . . .

  12. It has been soooo hot here! I am dreaming of fall-- although it never feels like Fall here until November. A girl can certainly dream....

  13. What a great list you have made, Christine, and like you I associate fall with school. Thanks for sharing,

  14. I had thought of making a list for fall this year, and now I'm positive that I'm going to do it! Thanks for the inspiration.


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