Friday, December 13, 2013

Decorating with Poinsettias

The proper, and loving care of a Poinsettia is so important.
Look at these beautiful 
and colorful pictures below.

Now, this is how to take care and decorate with 
these wonderful holiday plants. 

Use them as center pieces for your table.
Have them for outside decorations (ummm).
A fun and whimsy style for a mantel.
How about a teapot in the kitchen? Cute!
Churches have huge displays on their alters.
They even look great by a cozy fire.


I was so excited when I bought my Poinsettia. 
I had high hopes when I brought it home. 

And then...
It kept dropping leaf, after leaf.
I had to add a Christmas bow for more volume. 
 In the end it was just some sticks and the bow.

How do you decorate and care for your Poinsettias?


  1. Oh, Christine, please forgive me for laughing. You are so like me. I can't keep a poinsettia for anything. Mine always turns out looking like yours. If you ever find out how to keep one alive, let me know.

  2. Dear Christine ... I am not the one to give advice on a Poinsettia! We bought a small ... very pretty ... full Poinsettia a few weeks back. Ours looked very much like yours ... no longer do we have our Poinsettia! I think I will stick with Norfolk Island Pines. I do much better with them! I hope that you have a warm and cosy weekend! Hugs ♥ Teri

  3. Pardon me, friend, but I had to laugh, as well. I've had similar luck with poinsettias in the past, no matter how hard I try. I found some great advice on caring for them online, however, and hope to put it to good use on my next poinsettia adventure.

  4. Ah, you're so cute. I bet if you do a google search you'll find out why the petals are dropping...probably too much water. I love the pink ones! Haven't bought mine yet!

    My grocery store had a ton of orange ones for Thanksgiving, which I thought was yucky. lol....

  5. I have fake ones. You are so funny! I just knew you were leading up to something with all those pretty pictures, and you were. Poor Christine, that poinsettia should have lasted longer! Sorry. Try some of those amaryllis bulbs instead next year. Some people have great success with them. For me it's just one more thing to take care of and I got tired of pickin' up dropped leaves. :(

  6. Oh... a charlie brown poinsettia! Funny, I have one this year too. A pink one.

    'Twas lush and full when I brought it home a week or so ago... it keeps dropping leaves.

  7. You are so funny! I have a black thumb for anything green, esp indoor plants, so I am actually impressed yours is living! My mom on the other has a green thumb and manages to keep poinsettias alive for years!
    Christine- I pray you are having an enjoyable season!
    Dee Dee


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