Thursday, February 20, 2014

Craft Time

Look what I made today.
An iPhone speaker or boom-box!
It really, really works, too.
I've been seeing these all over the web.
And they are so easy!

 You'll need:
one toilet paper roll, scissors 
and some push pins.
So easy, it's almost embarrassing. 

~Google images~
Some people get very creative.

 ~Google images~
Some people just don't care about creativity.
They leave the paper on the tube and call it good.

~Google images~
Others are more interestingly,creative than some.

I'm sure they all work.


  1. Cute! I've never seen one before. I like yours best.

  2. I 'be never seen anything like this. Of course I don't have a smart phone. Very clever.

  3. I knew you would be the creative one. Some people don't really care, do they? I'm not familiar with these and don't know what they are, but yours is charming. :D

  4. I am still smiling at this fun project. You are most efficient and creative. Charmin sales have just been bumped up a few notches since this post. What fun to visit here.

  5. LOL! I'm thinking that last one would be mine! LOL! Man, some of those things are just too cute! I'm going to have to give this a try... blessings ~ tanna

  6. This is creative! Yours is the best! :)

  7. What fun inventiveness... all from a simple paper roll. I chuckled at Judy's comment about Charmin sales going up.

  8. This is SO clever! What a fun post! Thank you for visiting my blog, btw! ~Angela

  9. Oh the last image made me laugh out loud!

    Have a lovely week.


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