Thursday, May 22, 2014

Praise...God is Good!

Things have calmed down around here since our grandchildren went back home.

I want to share Kimmy's blog.
It's  about Silas' journey.
The short video shows it all!

While Kimmy and Mark were with Silas, Tom and I were with the other three grandchildren.
This is what we did!

But first,
I want to show you Ila May's birthday present.
It's the cape that I made for her.
It was hard to get a clear picture because she was running all over the place .
I think it was a hit!

There were Tea Parties almost everyday!
Tea Parties by herself, with Papa, with Grammie-Goo and with her sister.
Lulu even had a tea party with her brother, Levi.

We also did chores.
Levi was in charge of the vacuuming and
Ila May was my helper with laundry.
Lulu was the all around helper!

But there was plenty of playtime!
Papa was the big play toy, a lot.

Below Papa was decorated with clothes pins. 

   Kimmy, Levi and Lulu had to try.

What a good sport, Tom!

The weather was wonderful.
We ate and played outside most of the time.

Climbing was the newest activity.

Running in the park.

 Levi's helping with lunch, egg salad sandwich is his favorite.

 Craft time
 Ila May combing my hair

Kids playing with our bed, that moves up and down,
both head and feet
We called it, Burrito Time. 

Good-byes are always hard but this was
a good , good-bye.

Our hearts are full and FIXED!

 When we look around, Tom and I find little reminders of
what was...

And Lucy???

Well, she is back to doing what she loves best,
patrolling the back alley for dogs and other friends.


  1. What a wonderful time that was. Beautiful memories made for the children. Blessings, Catherine

  2. Oh, such precious time spent with your little ones. The video with little Silas brought a smile to my face. He is so sweet. The video also brought tears to my eyes. Precious, precious, precious! So very much to be thankful for. Warmest blessings and prayers to you all!

  3. What a fun post! I bet you are pleasantly exhausted! :)

    1. What a great term - pleasantly exhausted

  4. Lucy looks even sadder than you . . .

  5. A grand time with the grands, I see. You and Tom are such a blessing to your children and grandchildren.

  6. Oh, Christine, we loved this post. What a joy to see so many great photos with your grands!

    I like how you put it... it was a 'good' goodbye and that your hearts are full and fixed.


    1. I've learned to write better from a great writer and person, YOU!

  7. You all made so many wonderful memories, Christine.
    And, I agree, tom is a wonderful sport!
    I'm so glad Silas is doing well now-PTL!

  8. Definitely great memories made. Grandad is quite the trooper isn't he?

  9. I am so glad to see this post. Such great fun with the grands. And such good news about Silas. I'm sure this is a time they will all remember. (Tom is such a good sport.)

  10. I love Ila's cape. Reminds me of a cape I bought for Cedar. It cost $1 at the Dollar Tree and then $8 to mail it to Canada where he was visiting.

  11. It all looks wonderful to me, just wonderful. I loved the part at the end where you said that your hearts were full and FIXED. Perfect, perfect way to put it.

    I'm going to click to see Kimmy's post about Silas's journey. God is so good. He's good when it's not obvious, but isn't it extra fun when He is so obviously so?


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