Monday, June 9, 2014

Birds Everywhere

Tom and I have been enjoying all the birds that congregate in our yard.
I have two feeders for the Sparrows, 
Finches and a host of others that stop by. 
I also have two feeders for humming birds that are inches away from where we sit on the deck.
These "Hummers" dive bomb us!
The entertainment is unbelievable.

As we look outside our dining room window,
we can see all the feeders. 
So breakfast, lunch and dinner we are treated with bird amusement.
Especially now with all the babies that perch along the fence railing, waiting to be fed. 

I have a special birdhouse that Kimmy gave me
  (left behind), when she moved.
The birds have never used it. 
Some have been interested, but no takers.
That is, until this year!

Mom and Dad  Wren are calling it home!
They have been soooo busy fluffing their nest.
Can't wait for the family to appear!

Speaking of appearing...

 Birds have been flying into our cottage!
The top right picture is a bird that flew into the cottage
 while we were taking care of our grandson,Trey.
Now that was amusing!

Again, my hero Tom, came to the rescue.
Being the blogger that I am,
 he couldn't let it go without taking a picture first!
Since then, several more have "visited" us.
They fly in and then fly out.

We really should get a screen door.


Today a baby bird few in and while, my hero Tom, was attempting
to catch the baby, the mother heard it's cries and flew in after it.
Now two birds were in our cottage.
Tom caught the baby and mom followed the baby!


  1. Hummers are summer entertainment for us, I never tire watching them

  2. You're lucky the birds find their way out of your house. They're not the smartest animals around

  3. sweet! How fun that the babies are appearing and you can watch them being fed. That is one of my favorite things!

  4. Oh my goodness, they must think your little cottage is just an oversized birdhouse.
    The birds are really entertaining!

  5. I have always said there is nothing better than bird amusement for a morning's entertainment. Smiling.

  6. I love to sit and watch the birds. Right now, we're having repairs and the like done all around the place. It has kept the birds away. I hadn't thought that until I read this post.

    I would freak with a bird in the house. But then, I freak easily. On the freak scale, it wouldn't come close to the freak out I had when there was a snake in the house.

  7. Across the country from you, is another bird amusement center, here at our home. I smiled as I read through your interesting post. Free entertainment with dinner...what could be better!!!

  8. Love bird watching, just wish we could keep the squirrels away from our feeders.

  9. Wondeful about the birds flying in and out.
    Am here from Betsy's and wanted to introduce myself.
    Love your blog ~ Eddie

  10. I love watching the birds too and moved my bird feeder closer to the house this year for just that reason. I don't think I've ever had birds in the house, though. This morning when I got up I heard all the birds singing and thought how nice it was. You'd never know I was in a big city.


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