Thursday, June 26, 2014

What a Good Sport

Ever since Betsy, at My Five Men,
 has found and posted "faces", in different objects,
 I keep finding them in the oddest places, too. 
This one I had Tom pose for me. 
He had no idea what I was doing when I took the picture.
What a good sport!

Tom and I were driving 
when I spotted something in the sky.
I asked Tom to drive a little faster before it got away!
What a good sport!

Again, Betsy has me looking, 
only this time it's up at clouds.

The picture below,
 I titled Two Dogs Kissing!

Then we found
a dinosaur.

Tom is such a good sport!


  1. One of my very favorite things to do is find pictures in the clouds. I used to do it with my daughter and I still enjoy doing it. I love your finds. And your hubby is a keeper.

  2. How very fun, we all love to have a good sport!! It makes things fun and you never will be able to look at an outlet cover the same!LOL
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. You two must have lots of fun together... just as it should be!

    Enjoyed your photo gallery...great cloud pictures.

  5. Tom is a good sport!!
    I actually saw your dogs and dinosaur too.
    This shows what a sense of fun and adventure you still have,Christine.

  6. He is indeed a good sport.
    Smiling here . . .

  7. haha...tell Tom thanks for such an interesting post! I love the clouds...two with floppy ears and the other a bull dog! So cute! And that T Rex! Wow! I've been looking at clouds, too, but no shapes for me yet!


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