Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Fashion Show With Hats

I have missed this little guy!
While on vacation I didn't get my Trey Day!
But I'm back!
 Trey and his dog Cooper have a special relationship.
Cooper loves the attention and Trey has a playmate.

Snack time with hat and stick.

Trey will be turning two years old
 at the end of next month!

I am so blessed to have one-on-one time
 with him every Tuesday!


  1. Hard to believe Trey can be two already!
    You are blessed to have your Tuesday with Trey ,for sure.

  2. And suddenly he looks all grown up! How did that happen???

  3. Dear Friend, so happy that you have this time to love and play and bond with your sweet boy! I just wanted to tell you how kind and encouraging your comments have been! I have been so busy and gone so much this summer Life is such a treasure if we just enjoy those precious moments with our grandchildren!
    Hugs, Roxy.

  4. He is so handsome. I'm sure you two have tons of fun together :)


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