Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Music To My Ears

 This is my violin.
There are many stories about this violin.

My great, great grandfather 
made this violin out of a
 shingle from a house and some furniture.
The history is written inside.
The date is 1897.

I played this violin from 4th grade to 9th grade.
I wasn't very good, in fact I was last chair every year.

In the 4th grade I was excited to just get
 out of class for music lessons.
In Junior High, I was so embarrassed to be
carrying home my homemade violin case.
I would leave it in my locker and
didn't practice very often.

During performances at school.
 I would flip the bow over to the wood.
All I had to do was make sure my bow
was going the same way as everyone else.
It wouldn't make a sound!

 I met my life, long friend, while in Junior High.
She is still a great friend and we have had many laughs
about our days in music class.
She sat in front of me and I would poke her
with my bow to get her attention, which was a lot!

Kimmy and Lulu are going to be taking violin lessons.
Imagine my surprise when Kimmy asked me if she could have my old violin.

I cried!
My old violin will now have a NEW LIFE!




  1. How sweet Christine! My son learned to play the saxophone on my mom's sax, the same one my sister played on all during school! Your violin is beautiful! Kimmy and Lulu will cherish this treasure for years to come and the memory for a lifetime!

  2. I see there is more than one string to your bow. . .
    Loved the story and I was most impressed you great grandfather made it in 1897 - it is beautiful.
    I hope your Kimmy really takes to it and becomes a really god violinist.. I wonder what it would sound like? Imagine Mendelssohns violin concerto ~ Eddie

  3. How amazing that your great-great-grandfather MADE the violin. He must have been very talented. And how sweet that Kimmy wants to learn to play on it.

  4. Wow.... isn't that so special... a new life for your beloved violin.

  5. This is awesome, from your great great grandfather who made it to your escapades in school, and now the violin will once again sing it's song, just such a sweet and precious post, thank you for sharing, I understand the tears of joy.

  6. How wonderful another generation will be playing your special violin!
    Better not let Lulu know in on your violin experiences, Christine!!

  7. That is just soooooooooooo awesome. Benjamin it taking violin and the part that thrills me is when his 25 year old brother stops to help him practice. He is a wonderful violinist. I am so glad yours is being passed down and used. What wonderful music.

  8. This is the best story!!! This is one of those posts that has so much meaning and sentiment to it, that I will find myself thinking about it long after I leave your blog. Love it!


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