Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

My trip to Idaho was so much fun!

I have driven over and back eleven times,
 since Kimmy and family moved there almost 
two years ago
 (November of 2012).
I know because I have a note book that I
 have recorded each drive.
(This does not  include the two times I have flown!)

It's beginning to get harder and harder to keep track and remember each trip. 
So I have started giving a name or title to each visit.

This visit is called the Hair Trip.

I have been looking for a new stylist and
 trying to decide on a new hair style.
Kimmy suggested that I come over and try her stylist.
Well, that's all it took. 
Book it Kimmy. I'll be right over.
(I'm being funny. It's an eight and a half hour drive)

But.... I wasn't the only one with a new hairstyle.

Levi got a buzz cut.

Lulu tried the braid look and the "after" was so cute!

Ila May, well, she always has a new "hat" on her head.

Then there is Silas. 
This is his before and after picture. 
On the left, was 5 days before his Open Heart surgery.
The picture on the right, is just a few days ago!
Look at the difference!
It's only been three months!
Not only does he look so good but he is active and talking!
Praise God!
Yes, we have an awesome God!

Here we are showing off our new hair styles before heading to church.

Each trip I get more familiar with the surroundings.
This trip Mark took us for a drive to
Celebration Park, which just happens to be Idaho's first
Archaeological Park.

click here for more information.
Celebration Park 

 It was beautiful and very, very hot.

The kids and Mark ran across this bridge.
While Kimmy, Silas and I walked.

Such a great time!

Yes, God is good!
Praise God!


  1. Looks like lots of fun!

    The pictures of Silas are amazing. He's thriving now!

  2. How exciting. Loved all the hair do pics. And what a change in Mr. Silas. He is a showstopper with that smile. So happy to see that.

  3. Dear Christine ♥ Thank you for sharing your faith and your family! Such sweet blessings! ♥ Hugs

  4. Love the photo of you all showing your hair styles before church!! You look great. You all do!!

  5. love all the Hair cuts and dos! Esp Ila May's "Hat"! They are growing up so fast! So glad you have been able to visit with your family so often, I can only imagine how much you miss them while apart! And you are so correct... God is Good!... All the time!
    miss you... Dee Dee

  6. You look so cute! And Silas looks so healthy and happy! I have to say you all look very stylish :o)
    Yes, God is so good...
    Yours, Roxy

  7. It is so much fun visiting your blog! This post makes me smile. I love that you each went with new styles and you all look so good! The joy is obvious on all of your faces. Yes, our God is so good!

  8. While I loved the entire post (even though I now have the song "Little Bunny Foo Foo" running through my head like that bunny ran through the forest ), my favorite part was the before and after of little Silas. What an AMAZING God we serve. I couldn't help but think that it's very much the same when that same God does spiritual surgery on our hearts.

  9. This is funny because when I say your photo on facebook I thought, "doesn't her hair look great".

    Great cuts all around.

  10. Such beautiful g'children, Christine.
    It's so wonderful you are visiting so often!
    Keeping a journal is a smart idea.

  11. Great hair cut and the kids are just priceless...so great to see the little one and how well he is doing. Praise God!

  12. Love all the new "do-s"!! I think the Hair Trip is a great way to remember this one. Funny, you'll come to know a LOT about this spot in Idaho. ;)

    Oh, Praises for Silas's health. He looks so good!! You have SUCH a precious little brood of grands, Christine. You are blessed indeed!! And, beautiful sporting that new style. blessings ~ tanna

  13. I read this the other day and thought I had commented, but obviously not! I love all your new hair dos. I especially love how good Silas looks these days. God is so good!

    Glad you had a good visit with them.

  14. So glad you had a great visit! Your hair looks great! Have a wonderful week.

  15. You look fab, my friend, just fab! And those babies are growing like weeds. Silas ... what an amazing difference. Praise the Lord!


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