Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Time is ticking away.
It won't be long before Tom & I 
close the door for the final time to our
 Little Cottage and
 open the door to our new home, 
The Holly House.

We are moving ourselves to Idaho in two phases.
Most of our things are already packed and ready for Phase I.
We don't have a lot of things
 (well, except maybe baskets)
so the move should be easy.

Why two phases?
Long story, so here's the condensed version.
We bought our house and it has already closed!!
A few months ago, Kimmy and Mark asked if we'd babysit
 the first part of March.
(yes, we are driving 496.1 miles to babysit)
So we thought we'd bring 1/2 of our stuff with us.
Phase II will be mid April.

Now some reflection:
I love this cottage! ~sigh~
All 750 sq. ft. of it!
I can walk anywhere in this town 
and be there within 15 minutes.
We have watched buildings go up.
We have watch buildings come down.
We met neighbors who are now friends.
Life has been wonderful here in the
Little Cottage.

When our daughter,
 Kimmy and her family moved away,
 it broke my heart.
 God knew and was there.
When I was depressed. 
God knew and was there.
When I was lonely.
God knew and was there.
When I was frustrated,
God knew and was there.

I had to learn a lot of things before God would answer prayers.
I remember the day, I told God I was content to be where I was.
I was sitting at the table, with my computer open, looking outside.
It felt good to be content, really content.
Then things starting happening and FAST!

It's amazing to see God's hands on our lives.
God was with us when we decided to move to the Little Cottage.
God has been with us with each step we are taking, moving to Idaho.

When you listen for God, you can hear him.

"The heart of a man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps."

Proverbs 16:9


  1. Aw...so sweet. And waiting for his timing is always better...might not be easy, but better! I love your little cottage, too, and remember you moving in! You said you weren't selling it, though, is that right? What will become of it?

    1. No, we aren't selling it. We hope to have it rented out by May 1st. Know anyone ?

  2. This brought tears to my eyes. God is awesome!

  3. Reading this just reminded me of when I was single. I dated a few people, was serious and even engaged, but nothing ever worked out. Until one day I got to the point where I told God that He was enough for me and even though I would like to get married He was the best husband I could ever have. Within two weeks Joe called and asked me out. We are now married 8 1/2 years. The rest is history. God's timing is best.

  4. Yay! I am so happy for you, Christine!!

    Maybe if I could just get to the point I really meant/felt I was content when I said it to God and myself... blessings ~ tanna

  5. "When you listen for God, you can hear him."

    You are making me cry. In a good way. I have loved getting to know you and hope that we will stay in contact even though we'll be miles apart.

  6. Christine, you are the GEM! What a beautiful post. Such an encouraging one and a joy-full one. Your testimony is so beautiful. I still love, love, love the story of how God led you to your cottage. And now, he's adding a new chapter to that story as He leads you to your new home near those wonderful grandkids.

    Thank you!!

  7. Tell that to the media that's mocking Gov Walker! LOL!
    I know exactly what you mean. And when we see God work to bring something to fruition and we know we're in His will, it's amazing. Right there with ya, just not moving boxes. :D Keep us in the loop!


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