Thursday, May 7, 2015

Celebrating 1 Year for a 2 Year Old

Silas turned 2 years old.
Last year, at this time he had 
Open Heart Surgery!
To CELEBRATE both miracles,
Kimmy and Mark
had a special Thank You party for all who
were involved and participated in this blessing.

A very special cake was ordered.
If you look closely, 
you can see the journey, up to the top of the hill.
Silas is waving and thanking everyone!

*Mema (Silas' other grandmother) 
and I went shopping for flowers at the
 Nampa Farmers Market.

*Mema and Lulu putting the flowers in vases.

*Tables were set up outside. 

With weather in the 80's, it was perfect.

I want to take the time to
Your prayers meant so much to 
our family!

Kimmy and Mark invited 82 people 
to celebrate this glorious day
Music, food, Thanksgiving Prayers, food, games,
food, singing, and more food!

Plus, a short video for all to watch Silas' journey
(The beginning show Kimmy and Silas going to the hospital right after his birth because of his breathing.)

 This is the Cardiologist
who treated Silas, in Idaho.
God placed him at the hospital that night. 
He was out on a date with his wife and
got the call and turned around. 
He was the one who found the heart defect
 and ordered the surgery.

It was a great celebration.
Many of us were thankful and overwhelmed.


  1. This was a very moving video and tribute to little Silas and God's goodness. The celebration looks like it was perfect. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I am so thankful to God for His wonderful gift, His mercy and grace to your sweet family. Being a grandma has shown me the special way we love our childrens' children. It is sooooo special.How wonderful to see his doctor there and hear how God used Him in Silas' story to wellness. Woohoo!

    1. A huge blessing that the Lord gave us was that when we were driving to the hospital for the first time with our son Silas at 10.5 months old my husband was praying and asking God to give us a Christian doctor. Our sons cardiologist actually goes to church with us! At the time his wife and him were new to our church and we hadn't met them at church yet. But the Lord answered my husbands prayer that day. Today we are really good friends with them both. It's very fun to go to Silas' appointments because Silas see his doctor every Sunday and other times when we get together. Huge, huge blessing and makes the long stressful appointments much easier on us all.

  3. What a touching video and post. I couldn't help but cry through the song and images. Would love to know who the artist is on that song.

    All the best to little Silas and may the years be kind to him.

    1. The song is from Kristyn Getty called A Mother's Prayer

  4. Praise God for the life of little Silas. Family is our most precious gift. God is faithful and will continue guiding this little man as he grows. Such wonderful photos of a special day. Hugs from Shirley in Virginia

  5. I remember that time so well last year and all the prayers said for little Silas. God is so good! Happy birthday Silas! It looks like an awesome party.

  6. What a very fun celebration!!!

  7. Big ole tears of joy and gratitude rolling down my face right now, Christine. God is so good. A very, very special celebration of Silas! blessings ~ tanna

  8. OH! how I remember this time, and of the wonderful miracle for Silas! The joy and thankfulness shows in the photos, Christine
    Thank you for sharing this special occasion of celebration!
    Wishing you a most blessed and happy Mother's Day, as well as the other mother's in your family! I know this is so special!

  9. What a great God we serve! I love this miracle that He did for your precious little Silas and all of you. I love that you give Him the glory for it, and you share your beautiful celebration with us.
    Happy Mother's Day to you! You inspire me!


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