Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Another Out and About

We found out that Nampa has some
 great bicycles trails.
So we got up early, well, somewhat early.
(Now that we are retired, early has a new meaning,)

We checked our bike tires, 
put on our helmets
 and took off.
The trail starts just two blocks 
 from our garage. (big smile)

This is the beginning of the trail.
It is so beautiful.
The trail follows the irrigation "river".
There are all kinds of beautiful homes,
 farms, open fields,
birds and animals, that we rode by.

We rode to the end of this particular
path. There are several others. 
But that's for another day. 

A Starbucks!!
On our way back home we just had to stop.
A reminder of Redmond and time to reflect
about our move to Idaho.

Almost home...

We planned our bike trip last night.
We  were concerned that we wouldn't
be able to ride in the morning
because of the storm.
There was a lightening storm like we have 
NEVER seen before!
For about two hours, 
God put on a fireworks show for us!

These two pictures are from our backyard.
Some of the flashes would light up our whole yard!

It looks like the middle of the day 
but it's really 11 o'clock at night.

"And his appearance was like lightening,
and his clothes as white as snow."
~Matthew 23-3~ 


  1. If I had a bike trail that conveniently located to my house I'd ride a lot more than I do now.

  2. How very fun to have one so close! That is just perfect for you two! yay! Beautiful!

  3. Wonderful you have great trails so close to home!
    I wish I'd been there to share your thunder storm-I love them!
    So happy you are enjoying your new home, Christine.

  4. You are living in a beautiful place. How nice you have a bike path right there. I know you will be exploring. Leave it to you to find a Starbucks!

    The pictures of your storm are incredible!

  5. I'm happy that your new place has so much to see and do. Wish we had a good bicycle path through our town. Too many street to cross and some are busy! I like lightening too.

  6. Perfect storm!! ((I Love thunderstorms, lightening...and rainy days!)) but (serious) lightening if too close to home - not so fun.

    Glad you got to enjoy from the safety of your home. And - love this.. the bike hike!!

  7. That really is a gorgeous place to bike ride, or walk, and so many photo ops. You also got treated to a real light show. Glad you are getting settled in and enjoying yourselves.

  8. All I keep thinking is how happy I am for you to be enjoying your new home & how much I miss you. What a beautiful trail to ride on!

  9. I feel like you and your husband have been given a new lease on life, and then you are kind enough to take us along on it. The trails look like so much fun to ride on, and I always am thrilled with thunderstorms. Thanks for sharing those pictures too.


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