Wednesday, March 1, 2017

I See Stars!

Our grandson Trey, who is four years old,
 has always been a Star to me.
I send him things about stars, or
 with stars on them, or
 I put stars on things.
Stars Stars Stars Stars!!!

Before we moved away two years ago, 
Trey and I plastered
his ceiling with glow in the dark stars.
Now when he looks up from his bed,
he knows how much I love him!
And when we say good-bye to each other 
we always say;

"I Love You More Than There Are Stars In The Sky"

Before I left to come home, 
I made little STARS on pieces of paper,
 then taped them all throughout Trey's house.
He found a few stars before we left and got so excited.
I told him to call me when he finds
 all 24 of the stars.

Trey wanted to know, when all 24 stars were found, if he gets a "cup".
His dad explained, he meant a trophy.

So, I did what any grandma would do.
I went to find a trophy!

At the thrift store, 
 I found a trophy top with a STAR on it! 
I added a brass candle holder, which
I spray painted black 
Then I just glued both pieces together.

Now, I'm waiting for the phone call from Trey.

Where is that last star?
(I probably should of mapped them out!)


  1. Of course you found (and created) that perfect trophy!! ;) As only a grandmother would... LOVE that you made more stars. Hope he finds the last one soon! xoxo ~ tanna

  2. What a creative grandmother you are! How special to have that 'star" bond between the two of you, and that you were able to create a little trophy just for him! That is just so special, and made my day to read your story :) Now... he just needs to find that last star, lol...

  3. That is the perfect trophy and leave it to you to find the right things to put it together. You deserve a trophy for being a star grandmother! Hope he finds the last star soon!

  4. I agree, you are a STAR grandmother. I can only imagine the great joy you have given to Trey through this little adventure. I love it!!!

    I'm so glad you shared this with us...

  5. You are such a precious grandmother Christine. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  6. What an amazing way to stay connected to your grandchild! I am filing this away in my brain for future reference. :)

  7. You are a very cool grandmother. This is fabulous! xo


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