Thursday, March 16, 2017

Today's Rainbow

This morning I got a text from Kimmy
telling us to look outside our front door, 
to see a Rainbow.
(we live so close that our views
 are just about the same)

I gasped with wonder!
Tom came flying out to see!

It was the most bold and beautiful Rainbow I've ever  seen.
And it was a double Rainbow!

Tom and I started taking pictures from every angle.
Pictures in the front yard,
Pictures in the backyard.

This Rainbow was HUGE!

When we ran out of serious pictures,
so we started doing the funny pictures.

All the while we kept texting
 back and forth with Kimmy.

Then she texted us this split shot!

Levi at one end of the Rainbow 
and Papa at the other!

What a great way to start our day!

The last picture Kimmy sent me was this...

All five of our grandchildren appreciating 
God's miracle!


  1. What a beautiful sight! WOW! Since I just visited the Ark Encounter in Ky and remembered God's Promise with the Rainbow, this brought chills! Then, I laughed at your crazy men! What fun! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  2. How glorious!

    The funny pics made me smile.

  3. You all are just havin' too much fun. Such a nice way to begin your day.

  4. I love rainbows. I haven't seen many but always try to get photos of them. Your rainbow pictures are magnificent! The guys are funny. I love the last one. Rainbows always make we want to sing the David Meece song "God's promises are rainbows in the night."

  5. I love this post, Christine. The double rainbow is so beautiful. I'm glad you were able to capture it with your camera. The photos of Tom and Levi are funny. That last photo is so sweet. Very touching. Have a great weekend! xo

  6. This is so awesome Christine! to be able to share this with family especially the children, is beyond words! I always love the chance to see a rainbow but two at once is awesome.
    Thank you for checking in on me, I am seriously thinking about trying to blog again! I so miss my dear friends!
    Have a blessed weekend,

  7. Just look at those silly leprechauns eating rainbows . . .

  8. WOW! WOW! WOW! Sooooo beautiful! God's majesty!! So glad you let us see it, too. blessings and hugs ~ tanna

  9. This will be a memory your grandkids will never forget! What a special time for all of you! Those rainbows were truly amazing! Usually they don't last that long, but this one really let you just enjoy it and have fun with it too! Oh the wonders the Lord prepares for us, how amazing this world is that He created for us! This post really made my heart smile today :)

  10. Wow... now that's something to awe and wonder about. So beautiful. Loved that split shot
    of Levi and Papa near the end.


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