Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Miracle Boy's Birthday

This is our Miracle Grandchild,

He was born with several heart defects that
went undetected until his first birthday!

This is Silas prepping for his Open Heart Surgery.
three years ago.
He weighed 12 lbs at 12 months!

(He almost didn't make it to his 1st birthday)
This split picture was taken right after surgery
and then,
three months later!!

Silas and his cardiologist have such a special bond!!
 Every year Silas goes in for tests
to make sure his heart is working properly.

Silas sees his doctor every Sunday, at church, too!
When the doctor sees Silas, 
he says hello, then picks him up,
 hugs and cuddles with him. 
~ sniff sniff~

After surgery           Today

Recovery              Today


What a blessing it is to witness a miracle everyday!

Silas' story is much, much more than what I can
put down in words, today. 
Just watching him run, eat, play, laugh, 
talk and love as much as he does...

God is good!!!!


  1. Happy birthday, Silas! I remember when he was so sick. He truly is a miracle boy.

  2. I too remember when he was so sick. My goodness, look at that sweet little boy. Aww, he so cute. Wishing him a Happy Birthday. Such a precious blessing. Hugs ♥ Teri

  3. OMGoodness ... he's four already! That is wonderful. He looks beautiful and full of life. I'm so happy for him and your family.

  4. Well I am sitting hear tearing up reading this and looking at this precious child's pictures. Our God is a good, good Father! Praise His Name! The Lord has great plans for Silas and has found much favor in him. Thank you for sharing. Happy birthday Silas. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  5. Oh my Four already! Time goes so fast!
    Happy Birthday Silas! Blessings my friends!
    Dee Dee

  6. You are the best grandma! Thank you for being my prayer warrior! I love you and yes God is good.

  7. What a sweet face. And, yes, quite a miracle. God is awesome. I'm rejoicing with you today! Hugs.

  8. Christine, this post makes me cry with joy. Such a blessing. Happy Belated Fourth Birthday to sweet Silas! blessings and hugs ~ tanna

  9. What an amazing story! It brought tears to my eyes! So thankful for Silas being well today and so special for him to have that bond with his cardiologist, the Lord is so good! Love that huge smile on his face... a wonderful praise report to read!


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