Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Camping - First Stop

Tom mapped out our Camping Trip and
made reservations at 3 different camp sites.
It was going to be a whirl wind 4 days! 

First Stop was,
 Farewell Bend, Oregon
So much rich History!
We were camping along the Oregon Trail!

Everywhere we looked there were artifacts
that the settlers left behind.

So much hardship!
 But rich with history.
Especially, for me, 
a big fan of, 
Little House On The Prairie


We found our camp site.

Because it's still early in the season,
the camp grounds were almost empty.

Looking at the Snake River


Look who drove up for the day!
Kimmy and family!

We texted them early in the day,
 that this was a great place for
bike riding, especially with nobody around.

Farewell Bend is only an hour and a half from home, so they
packed their van full of bikes and cooler.
They called and said, they were on their way!
What a GREAT surprise!!

I thought I took a picture of everyone but one kid
was missing....

Levi was infatuated with the hundreds of these 
little critters! They'd pop out of the ground
 and as soon as Levi would run over, 
they'd disappear underground.

Lulu is also a, Little House On The Prairie fan.
We rode around on our bikes to see all the 
relics left behind.

I must of left my camera out...
Selfie of Mark and Kimmy.

Soon, it was time for them to head home.
The Big Red van drove by, 
with hands waving, good-by.

The only other animals we saw were these cows.
They were on their way back to another field.

It wouldn't be camping without 
a camp fire!

Morning coffee!
 Morning breakfast alfresco...
We both are on the Whole 30 diet.
Vegetables and protein. 
Camping is a great way of not cheating.
Unless, you say fruits are cheating, 
which they aren't.

After a little clean up,
we were off to another camp site.

The next leg of the trip was a 
couple hours drive away,
through the mountains and valleys.

Better know as, 
Hell's Canyon!

to be continued... 


  1. Awe, looks like you are having so much fun! Love the pictures. Hugs and blessings, Cindy


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