Sunday, September 23, 2018

If It's Friday, It's Date Night

If you like football you'll appreciate this post.
Even if you don't like football, you'll  appreciate this post.

Friday Night Date Night

For years we have been going to football games.
High School football games, to be more specific.

Tom played High School football.
Our son played in High School football.
I worked at a High School and we went to their games.
So, it's no surprise that we still go to High School football games.

Last Friday we traveled up some winding roads, 
up into the hills, for over an hour, 
into the back country of Idaho.
We were there to watch two very small high schools play football.

Idaho City Wildcats
(pop. 485)
Wilder Wildcats 
(pop. 1673)

And it was

I fell in love with the Color Guard.
Four older gentlemen.
All with mismatched hats, guns and uniforms.
They were adorable.

And boy did they love having their pictures taken.

But then it was their big moment,
so I headed back to my seat.

Speaking of seats!
We were on the 50 yard line!!
Best seats in the house.

Of course we had our pick of seats!

No, really, we had the pick of any seat we wanted!

 This is a picture of us from the other side
of the field.
(I circled us in red)

The school bus parked right along the sidelines.
Wilder was taking the ball down the field to score.
We couldn't see it, because the bus was in the way.

But we knew they scored because the bus driver
 poked his head our his window and yelled.
I half expected him to honk the horn and flash the lights,

Here's a close up of the scoreboard 
just to make sure.
Yup, he scored!

Oh, and at Half Time the teams used their buses as 
their Locker Rooms.

Being Homecoming, there was all the 
decorations and excitement.

Below is the Junior Class Float.

This one is the Freshman Class Float.
It took me a second to figure this out.

Half time was the crowning of the
Queen and King
of Homecoming.

The Senior Class float.

I tried to get a better picture but all the
parents were beating me to it.

After the game we followed the 
Wildcats paw prints down Main St.
to the high way, back home.

Small town football... I loved it!
I think the whole town of Idaho City was there,
 supporting their team.

Wilder? Well, I know two people who were there
cheering them on!

This reason we went to this game
 was because Tom knows the coach
for the visiting team, Wilder.

Another memorable  Friday Date Night
with Tom.


"Therefore, laying aside falsehood, 
WITH HIS NEIGHBOR, for we are members of one another."

Ephesians 4:25


  1. This is a great date night. Hope you get to see the Wilders play again.

  2. This took me back to Friday nights in high school; those were exciting nights. Our sons played soccer and basketball in high school and we attended all of those games. We parents became such good friends through those years. I don't care for pro football but enjoy when my husband has college games on.

    And oh yes, the homecoming nights! So much fun!

  3. Awe...what a sweet date night. Love the pictures. Nothing like Friday night lights. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  4. We also love high school football but our games are not "quaint" like yours. Oh, and since we wait till we are in Venice I bet our games are a bit warmer.


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