Saturday, April 13, 2019

                         10 days...
                                      9 nights....
                                                    3 boys...

Tom and I took care of Levi, Silas and Isaac
while Lulu flew back  East for her back surgery.
Kimmy, Mark, Ila May and Nathan, were with
Lulu on this journey.

The boys got to choose where 
they wanted to sleep.
So they chose "Papa's" office.

Here are a few things that we did during their stay.

We did Homeschool

They came up with creative ways of playing.

Laundry room, watching the clothes go around and around.
Coffee table cars.
In an empty tub with cars.

We kept Kimmy's daily schedule.
which included Track practice, twice.

Isaac and I walked the track, while Levi and Silas


I always had a helper in the kitchen!
Silas loves my Taco Rice Casserole
and Silas helped me make a huge batch.

The reward, eating what they made.

Next it was Levi's turn.
He had created a dish called, Pastage.
He was in charge of
making dinner.

Levi was closely supervised by Silas.

Ahhh, the rewards.

Isaac had floor duty.

And more rewards!

Because the boys live so close to us,
we would go back and forth to their home.
After breakfast at our home, we'd
go down to theirs to feed the bunnies, chickens and cat.
We had, Home school, down there and lunch.
Followed by a nap for Issac.

This day, we ate lunch outside.

Levi is reading so well.
I had him read to me as much as possible.
I don't know if he enjoyed it
as much as I did!

We took them to church, twice, during their stay.

Here's proof that Tom and I could do it;
get ourselves ready,
get breakfast for 3 boys,
get 3 sets teeth brushed,
get 3 boys dressed,
get 3 heads of hair combed,
be on time for church!


One of our last days together, Levi
picked me some flowers.
My heart just melted.

Lulu's surgery went really well.
Please check out Kimmy's blog 
for Lulu's updated progress.

Monday evening, we all drove to the airport,
 to pick Lulu and family up!

The excitement was overwhelming!
Words can't even describe the moment 
they came in sight.

The waiting boys!

Even friends came to support 
Lulu and family.

But the waiting was taking so long,
because Lulu was in a wheelchair,
they were the last to disembark.

Here's Isaac seeing them from 
HIS angle.

The doors opened and the hugging began!

My picture taking wasn't the best 
because I was crying and hugging
and just so thrilled to see them!

Lulu's friend came to wish her 
a welcome back home.

It was great to have so many helpers with 
the baggage.

 Nest stop,
HOME !!!...


"Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. "

James 1:2-3


  1. Hi Christine!

    What a joyful post!! So happy that all went well with, Lulu, and that she is home and settled!

    What fun to have all three grands...lots of work...lots of love! They are so cute, and I really love that they like to help in the kitchen! I agree, getting 3 boys ready for church and getting there on time deserves a medal!!

    Hugs and Love,

  2. Glad to hear that things went so well.

  3. So glad she is home!! You're an amazing family!!!

  4. Glad to read surgery went well. I SO miss the days when my brothers kids were this little. They were like my own children and we spent lots and lots of time together. Now they are all grown up and one has children of his own and we don't live in the same state anymore but I have memories I will cherish all my life. Your grandchildren are beautiful and you are a very blessed woman :)

  5. Loved all of the pictures and I just hopped over to the blog to read about sweet girl. Praising the Lord all is well. Thank You Jesus. Looks like you had a great time with the kids. Girl...see here...from one Nana to another...I know that you had to be a bit tired! LOL! I am so glad that I had my children young now. LOL! Hugs and blessings to you and Happy Resurrection day.

  6. I read this the other day and forgot to comment on it. So glad Lulu is back with you and that things went so well. Looks like the boys had fun while they were all here on the East Coast. I'm sure they enjoyed their time with their grandparents.

  7. Such beautiful boys, well done! Prayers for a speedy recovery for lovely Lulu. Happy Earth Day!


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