Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Fall From My Point of View

Yes, it Fall or Autumn.

I looked up the difference between these words.
( I love to look up things like this)
Both refer to the season,
between summer and winter.

I knew that!

But Autumn is the more a formal way to refer to the season.
So, that's what I'm going to call it.
(Even thought I'm not a formal type gal.)

Autumn is Idaho is lovely.
But then again it's lovely everywhere.
For me it's more of the change
 from one season to another.

I like how Autumn puts on a big show!

  Morning sunrise from our backyard.

We moved to Idaho 4 and a half years ago.
It took some time to adjust to all the changes.
But the one change, that I have always enjoyed,
is driving out on the back roads.

Sunday is the best day for this.

Farmers aren't plowing or harvesting.
Peoples aren't racing to their jobs.
The light from the sunrises are
 sometimes breathtaking.

As we pass cornfields and hay fields, I think how blessed
I am to be able to see,
 the seasonal changes.

I never get tired of it!

I look for the familiar horses, cows sheep or goats.
that are grazing in the fields.

I now know each farm and who has what growing
 or what is in their pastures.

So, you can look up,
 once in awhile, and see hawks or
eagles soaring above.

Never gets tiring!

We also live near a lake that is home
to geese and ducks.

This time of the year,
The Canadian Geese 
(or is it Canada Geese)
are overhead, all day long.

I looked up the difference
between the two names and found that
The Audubon Society,
 refers them as Canada Geese.

In this report, it says the 1772,
the Oxford English Dictionary,
refers to the birds as
Canada Geese.

Sometimes we just call them Honkers.

After the easy drive, 
we come to the entrance of our church.

What a great way to start our 
worship and fellowship.

Enjoy Autumn and the Honkers

God is good!


"In the beginning, God created the heaven and earth."
Genesis 1:1


  1. Your pictures are beautiful. You live in a lovely area. I also enjoy the peacefulness of the changing of the seasons. It is a gift from the Lord!

  2. Hi Christine!

    Gorgeous pictures!! You really do live in such a beautiful part of Idaho. I have a niece who lives kind of close to where you live, and she absolutely loves it there.

    I think that, Autumn is a much prettier than, Fall. It just sounds more romantic. I'm not sure I would love living somewhere where the seasons didn't change!

    I love to hear the geese as they pass by, it really does tell us that winter isn't too far off. I have always called them Canadian Geese, but I love, Canada Geese..Honkers really does match the sound!

    The scripture tell it all!!

    Hugs and Love,

  3. It looks like a lovely place to live, Christine! We have a lot of the same views, except instead of corn fields we have waves...I think they both move the same in the breeze. We have Canadian Geese and hawks and recently a family of eagles have moved in. It's a real treat to watch them fly by...they really are majestic creatures aren't they?

  4. You do live a beautiful part of the country! I always called them Canadian geese...

  5. We love getting out on the back roads here in FL too...so much to see! The big fields are beautiful where you live and it's neat to see the geese in flight! Enjoy your weekend!

  6. When I lived in Ohio the Canada Geese were everywhere. They are pretty, but boy do they make a mess with their droppings. Also, when they're nesting they can get pretty mean. I mistakenly called them "Canadian Geese" when I first moved there and my friend corrected me. "They're Canada Geese, Nancy. They don't have a nationality." And there you have it! LOL Hugs, Nancy


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