Saturday, May 16, 2009

New Thrift find

I found this book while visiting our Goodwill Store the other day. What a find! I'm going to be sharing the wealth of information that is in it with you at the end of each of my posts. So look at the bottom of each entry for a new tidbit.
~ Place a piece of chalk in your jewelery box to prevent costume jewelry from tarnishing.

~Paint handles of your rake,shovel, and other garden tools with bright color of paint so you can see them at a glance if they are left somewhere in the yard. Also, if you lend the tools to anyone, they will be easily identified as yours.
~Freeze coffee in ice-cube trays. Add the cubes to iced coffee for an extra-strength brew. Or whirl the cubes in the blender with ice cream for a coffee slush. You can also enrich meat gravies with coffee for a robust flavor. Coffee in cake frosting makes for a luscious mocha cream.

Stay tuned for more...

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