Thursday, September 17, 2009


Sandy beaches, warm sun, and far away places!

Ahhh.....Vacation !

I took time off this week from my day time job at the high school.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I was on vacation!

No beaches, no warm sunshine, and no far away places.

I spent the three days being a Mom and Grandma!

I spent the most wonderful time playing with my granddaughter, rocking my new grandson and helping my daughter recover from the delivery.

My son-in-law went back to work this week and I got to mother my daughter, again!

Yes, it was a great vacation because I danced every kind of dance, read a lot of books, sang so many songs, played what seemed like an endless game of Hide and Go Seek, went for walks, and held & kissed both grandchildren every moment I could.

But the best part of my vacation, was seeing our daughter, being the best mom I could ever imagine.

Her love and patience for her children is beautiful and amazing.

I didn't need to go to a sandy beach or far away place.

I was rejuvenated by helping out and spending time with the ones I love.


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  1. It's great you were able to spend time with your daughter and grandkids.

    I am thankful for my job and I'm thankful my kids are in school. It's tiring for now, but I should get used to it pretty soon (I hope).

    Have a nice weekend

  2. Oh, I forgot to say that the school secretary and the principal have been so kind to me.
    Everyone has really been quite nice.

    This made my transition into the working world so much easier than I expected.

    You have a big job. I've been watching all that this little gal does for the school. She's the hub of the school.

    I appreciate what she does.

  3. What a blessing that you were able to take some time off to help out your daughter and spend time with those precious grandbabies.

  4. Sounds wonderful! You are a blessed lady.

  5. Mother,
    Having you here to help and be a mom to me was so wonderful. I hope someday that I can do that for my children. The past 2 weeks have flown by and we are so greatful for all of your help and support. I love you!!!


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